The Morning Briefing: Democrats Will Use Mail-In Ballots Scam to Throw Election Into Chaos

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The Democrats Will Not Accept the Election Results

I hope you’re all having a good Wednesday so far, dear Kruiser Morning Briefing friends. Another plague week is almost half-way over. Only 14,000 or so more of these ahead of us.

As I have written for months now, everything the Democrats are doing and saying is just so much projection. Whatever they and their media mouthpieces are saying about President Trump and the Republicans is actually just a snapshot of what they are — or will be — up to.

The current leftist lunatic coordinated narrative involves trying to convince regular Americans that President Trump won’t accept the results of the election. That’s a cool story for anyone who hasn’t had access to the internet, a television, or radio since the 2016 presidential election. Almost from the moment that Trump’s victory was announced, Democrats began a public diaper-soiling that’s still going on, all because they couldn’t accept the results of the election.

The tantrum has yet to end. They’ve transitioned to rioting so easily because Democrats have been excusing all aberrant behavior as long as it was directed a Trump or Trump supporters. They’ve all been at a fever pitch for almost four years, it was a powder keg just waiting to be lit.

The Democrats were, of course, saying the very same thing about Trump in 2016. Maybe it wasn’t projection then, as they genuinely believed he was going to lose.

Even though Biden has had comfortable lead in national polling, the Democrats have been acting like they’re losing. Not because they don’t want to be cocky — they love being cocky — it’s probably because they are being subconsciously nagged by a sense of a déjà vu, terrified that they’re in for a repeat of 2016. They are incapable of admitting this to themselves or others though.

Democrats have been dispatching their flying media monkeys with a variety of excuses for weeks now:

In typical fashion, the Democrats seem to have settled on one coordinated talking point to center around for the duration: that properly counting mail-in ballots is going to be the real problem.


An effort by the Trump and Biden campaigns to deploy challengers to ballot-counting operations in battleground states threatens to slow states’ ability to count votes, raising concerns that the delays will allow President Donald Trump to double down on his claims that any prolonged counting indicates fraud.

Ballot-counting watchers are a key component of both campaigns’ legal strategies, with preparations underway to contest ballots, review signatures and witness requirements, and push to “cure” invalid ballots in states where that’s allowed. If a battleground state becomes a razor-thin contest, the fight could end up in the courts.

Democrats have always been really good at playing the long game, and this makes their insistence upon increasing the use of mail-in voting for this election. They probably had this one on the books for a while and — just like with the economy — got an unexpected assist from the coronavirus pandemic.

Now, no matter the margin of victory should Trump prevail on Nov. 3rd, the Democrats will be caterwauling about counting the mail-in ballots for weeks, or even months. That’s where all of the fraud magic can be made, naturally.

 (AP Photo/David Zalubowski)

If Biden does prevail and it’s the mail-in ballots that put him over the top, the Democrats will be able to permanently institutionalize the scam rather quickly. If Trump wins on election night and even after the mail-in count, they’ll no doubt suddenly decide that fraud does exist there and throw that into their arsenal that they’ll use to delegitimize his second term.

One of the other things that Democrats have been fond of saying about President Trump is that he’s always on the verge of throwing the country into a constitutional crisis. They will be more than happy to throw this election into chaos for as long as it takes to figure out either how to steal it or preemptively cripple Trump’s second term.

A Trump landslide would help avoid all of this, of course.

Fingers crossed…

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