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Joe Biden Refers to 'Harris-Biden Administration'

AP Photo/Andrew Harnik

As Stephen Kruiser noted this morning, failed presidential candidate and just generally weird person Kamala Harris seems to have tipped her hand this week by referring to “a Harris administration, together with Joe Biden”:

Whoops! That’s a revealing comment, isn’t it? All the campaign materials are calling this ticket Biden/Harris, not Harris/Biden. After all, he got the Democratic nomination, not her. But she seems to have ideas of her own.

As Kruiser puts it, “Harris Accidentally Reveals Her Dagger for Biden’s Back.” And that’s what I assumed, too, at first. It sure sounds like Harris has already started measuring the drapes in the Oval Office, skipping right over two crucial steps: 1) Getting Biden elected in the first place, and 2) Waiting — or not waiting! — for Biden to leave office because he’s 150 years old and he’s showing clear signs of dementia. Sounds like she’s already making plans for becoming the 47th POTUS, one way or another.

So that’s what I figured, too. She’s scheming behind Biden’s back, which is easy to do because he has absolutely no idea what’s going on. He can barely manage a trip upstairs from the basement, so how’s he going to fend off a younger, stronger, slightly less addled usurper?

But then something even weirder happened earlier today. Ol’ Joe made the same slip-up!

“Harris-Biden administration.” Uh… what? Did Joe just accidentally tell the truth about what’s in store for America if the Democrats win in November? Does he even know what he’s saying? Or where he is? Or who he is?

Maybe his subconscious just revealed itself. (If he can be said to be conscious at all, of course.) Maybe in the back of his mind, he knows he’ll never be fit to serve a full four-year term. Hell, judging by his rapidly deteriorating mental state, I’ll be surprised if he makes it another four weeks. The man is just this side of a vegetable.

Maybe this is his way of signaling that he’s tired and he doesn’t want to do this anymore. Is this some sort of S.O.S. to the American public? Is the Biden 2020 campaign just one prolonged act of elder abuse, and is this a cry for help?

Or maybe they’ll try to gaslight everybody into believing that she was the nominee all along. “Oceania was at war with Eastasia. Oceania had always been at war with Eastasia.” That sort of thing. The media, which already serves as an adjunct to the Biden campaign anyway, would happily switch right over from Biden to Harris on a moment’s notice. She was the one they all wanted in the first place, and this could be their second chance. Who cares if she’s even less competent than Biden is? She’s a woman of color, which means that anyone opposing her is both racist and sexist. There’s nothing they love more than branding everybody they don’t like as racist and sexist.

Well, good luck with all that. As distressing as this whole thing must be for the Democrats, it gives me renewed hope that my dream will come true before this interminable election is over: Trump and Harris will have a televised debate, he’ll call her “Brown Sugar,” and his polls will jump 10 points overnight because nothing matters anymore.

Please stand aside and let this happen, Joe!

P.S. You know what? Never mind all that. He’s fine.

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