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'Everytown' Gun-Grabber: 'Stop Pretending We Aren't Connected' to Mark Kelly

(Image: Project Veritas Action YouTube Screenshot)
Everytown for Gun Safety and Mark Kelly Are in Bed Together

Here is the promised follow-up to the Project Veritas Action video I posted on Monday.

In that post I mentioned that Michael Bloomberg’s “Everytown for Gun Safety” is spending a lot of money on television ads in Arizona to influence the Senate election here in favor of gun-grabber Mark Kelly. The nonprofit Everytown and the Kelly campaign aren’t supposed to be working together, of course, but there are ways around things, as this video shows.

In this latest video, Everytown data manager Alan Bederka admits that he wishes that Everytown and the Kelly campaign could “stop pretending that, like, we aren’t connected.”

The fact that Everytown can’t be directly tied to the campaign is what enables Kelly to get away with the subterfuge mentioned in the first video.

Again, this may be the most pivotal race for control of the Senate. As an Arizonan, I’m terrified of this closet gun-grabber winning. Kudos to Project Veritas for getting this information to Arizona voters.

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