The Morning Briefing: Trump's Twitter Trolling Is the Greatest Entertainment in America

The Morning Briefing: Trump's Twitter Trolling Is the Greatest Entertainment in America
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Twitter and Trump: A Marriage Made In Therapy

Long before I thought he might be elected president back in 2016, I kept saying that political science students would one day be studying Donald Trump’s use of Twitter during the campaign.

After he was elected, I was one of the very few Republicans who didn’t preface every good thing I’d say about him with some weak-sauce, “Well, I wish he didn’t tweet so much.” Quite the opposite, in fact. I was already a huge fan of his Twitter habits. I wrote on more than one occasion that he would teach every elected Republican to tweet properly.

What Trump has managed to do with Twitter is counter the narrative advantage that the mainstream media always had and used against Republican presidents. He doesn’t have to rely on press releases or press conferences to get his side of any story out to the public, he just wakes up and starts tweeting.

For those of us who were sick of watching the MSM run roughshod over Republican presidents, Trump’s Twitter rants were a thing of absolute beauty.

The thoroughly leftist Twitter has a love/hate relationship the president, of course. He brings them the kind of publicity that they couldn’t possibly buy. If he weren’t the president and just a regular conservative, he’d be shadow-banned or suspended immediately. They have to keep the president of the United States around, much to their chagrin, no doubt.

In the last few weeks, the liberal anxiety about Trump on Twitter has been ratcheting up, and it’s been delightful.

Trump has been trolling Joe Scarborough a lot and Mrs. Morning Joe pitched a royal fit about it last week:

She’s continued to melt down and begged Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey to take her calls. All of it has the feeling of a scorned lover hanging onto the ankle of her man as he’s walking out of the door. She’s been pleading for Dorsey to ban Trump from Twitter because feelings or something.


CEO Jack Dorsey and Facebook COO Sheryl Sandberg, attend a Senate (Select) Intelligence Committee hearing in Dirksen Building on September 5, 2018. (Photo By Tom Williams/CQ Roll Call) (CQ Roll Call via AP Images)

On Tuesday Twitter got combative with the president when it did a fact check and red-flagged a couple of Trump’s tweets about vote-by-mail and voter fraud. The platform has never been shy about its liberal bias, but it is usually a little more coy than this. Pretending that there is no connection between vote-by-mail and fraud is a fairy tale straight from the Democratic National Committee.

I’ve said it before: if President Trump would spend most of his day taking swings at liberals on Twitter I might cancel all of my streaming services. Watching him get out in front of stories or counter-punch false narratives never fails to delight. I have two Tweetdeck columns dealing with various media accounts and it’s so much fun watching them fall apart after one of the president’s deliberate troll tweets.

Thank God Trump isn’t the kind of guy who lets anyone talk him out of anything. I’m sure every constipated establishment advisor he’s had has told him to lay off Twitter, even though it’s one of his greatest weapons in the battle against the ever-biased press.

Tweet away, Mr. President, if only to irritate Mika.

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