California Slides Into Summer While Gov Newsom Is Stuck in COVID Winter

California Slides Into Summer While Gov Newsom Is Stuck in COVID Winter
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The calendar may state that summer starts in June, but the calendar is wrong. Summer has already started in Southern California, where I am currently stationed on the front lines of the American Left’s cultural revolution.

The LA traffic reports are once again filled with “back ups on the 10 East” and “it’s crazy at the Orange Crush” and “a wreck near the Skirball Exit on the 4-Oh-5.” Streams of cars are bumper to bumper on curvy canyon roads to get to Malibu and Laguna Beach.

Chick-fil-A is still closed on Sundays and In-N-Out was never closed.

The only things you can’t seem to do are locate an open public restroom that you would dare use, find an Uber, and get your nails done by a pro. And get the governor out of COVID Winter.

California started opening in many small ways weeks ago, irrespective of Gavin Newsom’s latest platitudinous diktats.

Megachurches began drive-in services. Only after that did Newsom say they were OK. And when it seemed obvious to all that it was OK to meet in person again with social distancing, many of those larger churches wrote a “Declaration of Essentiality” and hammered it onto Governor Gavin Newsom’s door.

Within days Newsom had reversed course and issued “guidance” for reopening churches.

Remember the guy arrested while paddleboarding in Malibu? The LA County Sheriff says there have been no more arrests. The public saw with their own lying eyes the colossal waste of resources and saw the absurdity of the pretext of the bust.

The City of Los Angeles has one of the worst outbreaks of the coronavirus and “fully half” of the cases are in nursing homes, which naturally meant that people going to the beach, if they could go at all, would have to wear a mask.

If you removed all of California’s nursing home deaths, you would cut the state’s coronavirus deaths in half.

People sued when Newsom and his flying monkeys shut down the beaches against all common sense.

Fresh air, bad. Cooped up in a hot apartment with grandma, good.

After the flurry of lawsuits and only after the public cottoned on to the nursing home death numbers, did Garcetti and Newsom back down and open beaches.

California issued the first shutdown orders in the Wuhan coronavirus crisis. Newsom’s quick actions, like President Trump’s travel ban from China, likely held down the number of overall cases. But since then, Californians have found that they have to sue their way back to liberty and drag Newsom out of his COVID winter.

Now, instead of Newsom’s ever-changing “data” and “science,” which he claims he’s relied upon for his “guidance,” the people’s common sense and their lawsuits are leading the way. Newsom’s “science” is science alright. Political science.

Newsom used social distancing as an excuse to call for the Democrats’ most ardent dream – mail-in voting  – for all future elections even though the in-person voting in the special election to choose a successor to “throupler” Katie Hill in Congressional District 25 went off fine. Social distancing didn’t persuade the governor to re-think in-person ballot harvesting, however.

Newport Beach Mayor Will O’Neill put his finger on what the problem is with California’s leaders. He said that elected leaders should always come down on the side of liberty.

And, I’ll add, California’s leaders don’t. When given a chance to make decisions, Newsom and Garcetti defaulted to less freedom.

Meanwhile, Californians have moved on to their summertime. They’ve moved on to more freedom. It may take Newsom awhile to defrost his COVID Winter.

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