The Morning Briefing: Press Spins Themselves Into Oblivion Covering for Rapey Joe Biden

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RIP #MeToo

Gosh, it seems like only yesterday that we were being told to #BelieveAllWomen when it came to any sexual assault allegations. No question. Done deal.

That was when they wanted to derail the appointment of a (somewhat) conservative Supreme Court nominee.

Now the accused is the former vice president for His Supreme High Holiness Barack Obama, and the soon-to-be Democratic nominee for president.

At first the mainstream media was going with an “#IgnoreThisWoman approach, but the news got a bit rougher for Crazy Joe the Wonder Veep yesterday, when two more witnesses backed up accuser Tara Reade’s allegations.

It’s not at all shocking that the Democratic flying monkeys in the MSM are fulfilling their water-carrying duties for Biden on this issue. The perverse prime directive of the left this year is to get Joseph Robinette Biden Jr. into the Oval Office no matter what because ORANGE MAN BAD. Then Biden can have “health issues” and be replaced with someone who doesn’t drool all of the time.

They’re in an uncomfortable position now, the monkeys. Biden is barely functioning mentally, and can’t do any of his own you-know-what covering, so they have to do all of the work on this one. He’s so awful even his handlers aren’t letting him speak much anymore:

Now they have to figure out how to deal with the fact that this doddering idiot was once a sexual predator of the first order without letting it damage his candidacy. Enter The Washington Post:

Our sister site Twitchy has much more response here.

As many have been pointing out, there is a lot more credible evidence here than there ever was against Brett Kavanaugh, when we were being told to believe everything without question. The loudest voices then are rather mute these days. Perhaps we could all be a little more insistent in getting them to take a stand:

This episode is greatly magnified by the fact that der Bidengaffer has pledged to choose a woman as his running mate, which immediately puts the veep pick in a delicate situation. If the media reports on it accurately, of course.

It’s beginning to look as if the monkeys will at least have to pay some attention now. This is where the president and the rest of the GOP need to keep this story front and center, no matter how much effort the MSM hack put into pushing it away. Thankfully, they’re better at that in the Trump era.

The #coronapocalypse economic devastation has thrown a wrench into the president’s re-election plans. They’ve been thrown a bit of a lifeline here, and they need to take advantage of it.

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I’ve begun doing more interviews for my “Kruiser Kabana” podcast and, going forward, I’ll be letting some of them out from the VIP paywall temporarily so that everyone can listen to them. Here is the first part of my interview with my old friend Bill Schulz. Bill was one of the original cast on the Fox News show RedEye, which is where we met. He now hosts a very funny show on Anthony Cumia’s Compound Media called Mornin’!!! with Bill Schulz and Joanne Nosuchinsky. Joanne is another RedEye alum and I hope to have her on the show soon. Enjoy!

Happy Birthday, Patriot!

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