Well, Well, Well, Look at the 'Conspiracy Theory' the J6 Cat Finally Dragged in. Why Now?

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“60 Minutes,” The New York Times, Adam Kinzinger, and the FBI’s favorite J6 Capitol protester has gotten a slap on the wrist for what sure looked like helping to incite the January 6 riot at the Capitol Building. Why now?


Ray Epps, the man the news media said was the object of conspiracy theorists of the “hard right,” was charged Tuesday with one misdemeanor count of disorderly conduct for his antics at the Capitol Complex on Jan. 6, 2021. It has taken the federal government more than two and a half years to bring the single charge against Ray Epps.

There will be no political gulag in Epps’s future. He will not be moved 13 times, making it difficult for an attorney or family to find him. No, that happened to the “Q Anon Shaman,” as he revealed in my interview on the Adult in the Room Podcast.

Epps likely won’t be thrown in a cell the size of a closet to waste away his days in prison, as many J6 defendants have. He likely will be able to shelter at home for all upcoming news interviews to once again reiterate that he did nothing wrong on Jan. 6. His record will reflect a misdemeanor disorderly conduct charge that probably will present no impediment to him for the rest of his life.

It’s likely that Epps, a former member of the Oath Keepers, was charged now because the men the feds wanted to put away, the Proud Boys, have been sentenced.

Some of the Proud Boys were charged with going into the Capitol. Here’s part of the explanation in one of the indictments.

At 12:53 p.m., a group of people forcibly breached the barriers at the pedestrian entrance. A crowd followed, including NORDEAN, BIGGS, REHL, and DONOHOE. Members of the crowd charged past the trampled police barriers. [emphasis added]


Epps spoke to one man before they breached the barriers.

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Some of the Proud Boys walked inside the Capitol after other people had breached the barriers and opened the doors.

Other crowd members encouraged and otherwise assisted the forced entry, affording NORDEAN, BIGGS, and REHL the ability to enter the Capitol building.

But Epps’s story is much more complicated than this.

At first, the FBI put Epps on its BOLO list of missing J6ers.

And then, he was inexplicably removed. It was clear that somehow Epps had won favor with a federal Department of Justice that had routinely rounded up J6 suspects first and then threw the book at them later.

Ray Epps is believed by some, including many who have seen videos of him before and during the riot, to be a federal agent of some kind planted in the crowd on J6. Indeed, he appeared to be more than that. He was a person who looked like an agent provocateur that day.


Oxford Dictionary, until it changes it at the behest of Democrat political overlords, defines agent provocateur as “a person who induces others to be violent or commit an illegal act in order to incriminate them or discredit a cause.”

The dictionary gives a perfect example of how it would be used in a sentence: “you people will start fighting amongst yourselves, not realizing that some agent provocateur is behind this.”

Contrary to most J6 defendants, Epps is quite fortunate in the selection of his criminal defense attorney. Edward Ungvarsky is one of the top criminal defense attorneys in Virginia and the D.C. area. Epps plans to plead guilty to the single charge instead of going to trial and undergoing discovery and other untidy things in which we might learn more about what he was doing at the Capitol on those days. Unlike other J6 defendants, such as President Trump, he will be able to plead guilty via “a virtual plea agreement hearing [that] was set for Wednesday, Sept. 20 before Chief Judge James Boasberg.”

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Epps has also managed to snag very connected civil attorneys in his defamation lawsuit against Fox News for reporting on his J6 activities. Attorney Michael J. Teter is helping to oversee his defamation case. Teter, an attorney for the radical Democrat lawfare group 65 Project, is attempting to disbar all lawyers who have helped President Trump. This is obviously to scare any and all attorneys away from working for the former president. Teter also works in concert with Delaware attorney Brian Farnan, who represented Dominion Voting Systems in its defamation against Fox News.


The man who told reporters he wanted to go with a relative to see the D.C. Trump speech never watched Trump’s speech. If he was there at all, he left early, placing himself at the West entrance to the Capitol Building well before Trump was even done speaking. At one point, Epps whispered into the ear of one of several men standing in front of a police barricade, and seconds later they began ramming it into what cops there were on duty.

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The night before the Capitol breach, Epps attempted to rile support to “go into the Capitol!” on Jan. 5 with a group of infamous live streamers; among them was Tim Gionet, the guy who is known online as Baked Alaska. Gionet told Revolver News, in an exclusive interview, that Epps had been following him around. He called Epps a “Fed! Fed! Fed!”

The Revolver interview is worth the read. Epps was seen at a previous Stop the Steal event in Arizona and hailed from the same small town (Queen Creek) as Gionet. And the day Gionet left to go to the Capitol protest, he was called by an FBI agent from Queen Creek to meet with her. She didn’t have a warrant, so he didn’t subject himself to an interview.


Gionet believes Epps was following him on Jan. 5 as he live-streamed an Antifa melee.

He told Revolver:

…Epps keeps following me around. And he was saying the same exact phrases over and over like it was a script. When he said it the 2nd or 3rd time, it clicked in my head and I thought “wow this guy is most likely a federal informant stirring up trouble”. He said he would most likely go to jail for saying this and then said again with more might conducting the crowd “Tomorrow we must GO IN TO THE CAPITOL” . Which at that point as seen on the famous footage I scream “nooooooooo” and chant straight to his face “FED FED FED.” The entire crowd starting chanting with me, because they had all heard and seen his behavior. And while we told him to go away and stop, Epps was determined to continue with the same script.
I was actually sentenced to 60 days in federal prison for live streaming inside the Capitol. A nonviolent crime. I didn’t touch anybody, I didn’t deface any property, I didn’t loot or steal; in fact, I encouraged others inside the Capitol to not break anything as admitted in my criminal complaint.

There were at least 40 federal operatives in and around the Capitol Building on Jan. 6, according to previous testimony. Was Epps one of them? He says no.

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