Look at the Evidence: Democrat Lawmakers Pick the Targets for Antifa and BLM Rioters

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When Minneapolis Mayor Jacob Frey withdraws his city’s police officers from the Third Precinct, he gives it over to an angry mob. Frey cedes the ground and picks a target for looters and rioters. Black Lives Matter and antifa rioters oblige and set fire to the cop shop, thereby encouraging other members of the mob to loot nearby stores.


It’s been going on throughout the country in cities and states run by liberals long before George Floyd. It’s a melee nearly every May Day along with Occupy, animal rights and eco-attacks. The mob is given near-free reign to loot, riot and destroy. Those who are arrested are immediately released. Many have charges dropped against them.

You can see it with more clarity every day. Like the Klan before them, Antifa and the Marxist mob called Black Lives Matter are the shock troops for the Democrats who gladly choose the targets for them to attack.

Portland Mayor: Riots Are Trump’s Fault

When Portland, Oregon Mayor Ted Wheeler, whose feckless oversight of the city and failure to stop its resident saboteurs, antifa and Black Lives Matter, leads to six weeks and counting of riots. Then, he blames President Trump for inciting more violence because federal officers defend the federal courthouse.

Every night the rioters burn and destroy things. Portlanders are afraid to come downtown.

After blaming the president, Wheeler watches as the mob sets up another “autonomous zone” across from the federal courthouse. The mayor, who doubles as police commissioner, orders a hands-off policy.

Seattle’s mayor, Jenny Durkan, allows a swath of swanky Capitol Hill to be overtaken by the mob for weeks, predicting it would be a “summer of love.” Squatting antifa and Black Lives Matter rioters and protesters say they were upset by the George Floyd police killing in Minneapolis. But the mob’s “security” detail ends up killing more people than the Seattle cops, whom they’re protesting. Taxpayers foot the bill for the clean out, which is ordered only after the mob protests in front of the mayor’s house.


The mayor’s indulgence targets civil society, with the idea that the rule of law, civility and the Golden Rule, far from being immutable, are instead written in invisible ink and fungible.

NYC Mayor Literally Paints a Target for Rioters

When New York Mayor Bill De Blasio oversees the painting of a Black Lives Matter mural on the street in front of Trump Tower, he isn’t just communicating a gigantic F-U to Donald Trump, he’s picking a target for rioters, looters and protesters for years to come. He knows it.

The mayor promises to defund the police and agrees with protesters that police are the problem.

And NYPD officers are targets of the mob.

After all, Mayor Bill de Blasio and his kids hate cops too.

Pelosi: Rioters Are “Going to Do What They Do”

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi says “people are going to do what they do” as they pull down statues and wreck memorials to heroes like George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Christopher Columbus, and Winston Churchill.

It’s a version of Democrat Rep. Ilhan Omar’s “some people did something” when referring to 9/11 terror attack.


Instead of denouncing the riots and vandalism, Pelosi shrugs her shoulders, as if to say “Big deal. If it hurts Trump, I’m all for it.”

In Los Angeles, Mayor Eric Garcetti, sits by as rioters, looters, and arsonists pass over the city like locusts. After all, he calls the cops “killers” too. Then he targets the law-abiding for coronavirus shut downs when rioters spark an increase in cases.

If you protest the lock down there must be something wrong with you, you racist.

Defending Yourself Against Rioters Is the ‘Problem’

In St. Louis a couple sees nearly 500 raucous protesters break through their private gate, looking for a target. The couple grab their guns and make a stand in front of their house to fend off would-be looters and people who sling death threats at them as they pass by.

The couple’s house is raided by police and a gun is confiscated.

In 2016, Portland, Oregon prosecutors targeted freelance videographer Michael Strickland for pulling his legally concealed pistol to fend off a marauding mob of antifa and Black Lives Matter “protesters” who were coming back to finish the beating they’d started a few minutes before. No shots were fired. The only one hurt was Strickland, struck by antifa militants wielding “flagpoles.” They conspired to get him thrown out because they didn’t like him photographing them.

By going after the victim and making “victims” out of Strickland’s attackers, Multnomah County sends a clear message that the mob isn’t the problem, people who defend themselves against the mob are.


In 2018 Black Lives Matter militants block downtown Portland streets “directing traffic” and preventing Mark Dickerson from getting to a meeting. He drives slowly through the dispersing crowd, but one protester intentionally backs into his truck and pretends to be “hit.” Though the intentional act was caught on a dashcam, Dickerson is the one arrested and prosecuted. The charges were later dropped when the protester didn’t show up to court. We can understand why. His rap sheet shows he has plenty of experience inside a Portland courtroom.

Dickerson’s incident followed after one in which protesters were allowed to take over the streets and “direct traffic” again, and out-of-town elderly driver failed to do what they said. They chased the man’s car, surrounded and kicked his car. He got out to apologize and narrowly escaped injury.

The local county attorneys in these cases target the victims for using defending themselves. Guns used in self-defense, are the problem, not a lawless mob, they reason.

AOC: Rioters Are Victims Who Resort to ‘Shoplifting Bread’

When she’s not targeting Amazon for arson and work stoppages, the hapless congresswoman, Alexandra Ocasio Cortez is chalking up skyrocketing New York violent crime rates to poverty. Cop beatings, stabbing old men on subways, and shooting a dad in the back as he walks his child across the street are all attributed to people who are,  “… at a level of economic desperation that we have not seen since the Great Recession? Maybe this has to do with the fact that people aren’t paying their rent and are scared to pay their rent, and so they go out and they need to feed their child and they don’t have money so you maybe have to, they’re put in a position where they feel like they either need to shoplift some bread or go hungry that night.”


How broke would you have to be to beat a cop in the head, knife two old men, or shoot a young father? Yet, AOC and people like her, such as Congresswoman Ilhan Omar, give antifa and Black Lives Matter behavior the veneer of nobility when their behavior should be denounced and punished.

Trump Voters Are ‘White Supremacists,’ So Rioting Is OK

A woman old enough to know better and smart enough to get herself elected to office, Senator Mazie Hirono, this week said Donald Trump voters are “white supremacists, that’s his base.”

It is startling news, of course, to the millions of black, Hispanic, and other minority Trump supporters, but the point is made.

While rioters and looters are literally still in the streets, a sitting US Senator gives the groups that cloak themselves as virtuous anti-racists carte blanche to attack anyone who identifies as a Trump supporter because, after all, they’re evil “white supremacists.”

They all deserve to be beaten, doxxed, gunned down, chased, surrounded, threatened, knifed, and burned out, don’t they? They’re white supremacists – even the ones of every hue. Mazie said so and she wouldn’t lie, right?


Some people call Donald Trump’s rhetoric reckless but he doesn’t have rioters in the streets being directed by his political allies at city hall, Congress, and the media to cause chaos by any means necessary.

He’s got nothing on this mob.

On the night Mayor Frey and his police chief abandoned the Minneapolis PD’s Third Precinct to the mob, officers were already resigned to dying. They’d sent messages to family members saying goodbye and some saved one bullet, “saying they felt they needed reserve their last bullet rather than being beaten to death” at the hands of the protesters the city’s “leadership” had empowered.

They are targets. No one stands up for them at City Hall. They are dispensable. In fact, the city leaders voted to get rid of the police department in Minneapolis.

Taxpayers are saddled with a $10 million bill to rebuild the precinct. And they’ll pay out the millions that George Floyd’s family will rightfully receive in a lawsuit for the cop putting a knee on his neck, killing him.

People say you can still smell the burned-out buildings in the neighborhood all these weeks later.

Mayor Frey let Minneapolis burn but now asks the Trump Administration for $500,000,000 to help rebuild the city. Trump says no.

Why give the Democrats’ rioters more targets?


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