Seattle's Liberal Elite Cheer Anti-Police Protesters Then Hire Their Own Private Security

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Seattle’s taking a page from the lessons learned from Hurricane Katrina. When half of the New Orleans Police Department walked off the job before and after Katrina, private security firms answered the call. Today, Seattle’s swells, who cheered on anti-police protesters from their high-rises and Madrona manses, are doing the same thing.


With apologies to “Top Gun,” the Seattle elite’s egos are writing checks the rest of us poor schmucks have to pay.

Business owners, afraid that Mayor Jenny Durkan will continue to let the rioters go buck wild while simultaneously standing down the cops, are hiring private security at a frantic pace.

The Seattle Times reports that local security firms have been swamped with calls asking for private security to watch their businesses in case rioters, arsonists and looters further target them.

It was the Monday after weekend protests occurred in downtown Seattle over the Minneapolis police killing of George Floyd. Fortress Security Services, co-owned by Bamba and her husband, Deschamps, was besieged by local businesses seeking armed guards to protect their property.

“My phone shows I logged more than 200 calls that day,’’ said Denise Bamba, adding the couple turned down numerous requests because the company didn’t have enough guards.

Other security companies also reported an uptick in protection requests from businesses of all sizes and residential complexes downtown, in Capitol Hill [home of CHAZ], Pioneer Square and even Redmond, West Seattle and Tukwila. Fueling the surge, they say, are fears police consumed with controlling protests won’t prioritize property protection.

The calls have been coming from all over, but there’s an especially urgent bunch of requests from Capitol Hill. This is the home of the six-block area taken over by rioters and protesters known as CHAZ, which as my colleague Matt Margolis notes, is chock full of irony, including the bizarre notion that Durken believes this could be the scene of a new “summer of love,” maaan.


Seattle’s CHAZ Is Calling

Mayor Durkan and the Seattle Times continually assert that the protesters, who have stolen other people’s property, illegally camped out, assaulted people, and over which a warlord rules, is perfectly peaceful. It’s a little like giving an attaboy to a car thief who stole your car, but who didn’t totally trash it! Sure the seats are gone, but see? It still has all four wheels!

Peaceful? Tell that to business owners who are burning up the phone lines to private security firms – afraid that Durkan’s untoward affection for the protesters will lead to more rioting.

When business owners saw Durken’s unwillingness to protect the police precinct on Capitol Hill, they got on the phone, fearing they may have another Minneapolis riot, arson and loot fest on their hands.

Chris La Due, co-owner of Homeland Patrol Division Security, said his company’s phones were “ringing off the hook’’ with calls from downtown and Capitol Hill businesses seeking last-minute, urgent protection for “just a few days” once protests began.


The company has its guards go through classes on cultural diversity to avoid racial profiling and other problems that unnecessarily inflame situations.

The guards are taught to never take an aggressive, forceful approach to removing vagrants or other trespassers from a property.

Higher-end residential clients have also sought beefed-up security, including two apartment complexes near the Capitol Hill protests.

“People understand that all of the police resources are geared towards the protests,” he said. “It leaves all of these buildings vulnerable to break-ins and causing problems.”

In the Ballard section of Seattle, the old Swedish, shipbuilding and fishing section of town, there are terrified people who have hired local security guards during the pandemic. Already a hotbed of homelessness and drug addicted street people, Ballard residents have stepped up the security because, as one security company official put it to The Times, Seattle cops are slow to respond.

You talk to probably any business owner in the downtown core, they’ll tell you just straight up that Seattle police response time is not the best,’’ Stivers said of nonemergency calls like property crimes. “It’s slow if it isn’t fire, flood or blood. And I don’t think it’s only Seattle, but just the general response time when you call 911 — it’s a slow response.’

Most of the security personnel are armed with mostly non-lethal weapons, though a few carry concealed pistols.

Private security has more than paid off in saved lives during the riots. The Q-13 TV news team hired a private security guard who stopped two active shooters. The antifa protesters had just fired off two AR-15 rifles stolen from police cars during the Seattle riots before the siege on Capitol Hill.

In a dramatic takedown he took the guns and protected his team for four more blocks surrounded by rioters hoping to bring him down.

Give that security guard a medal.

Seattle’s Bill Gates on Line 2

It should be noted that some of Seattle’s most liberal – and wealthy – patrons have supported the same groups rioting throughout the country.


They’re the ones having fundraisers for the liberatti who run Seattle. Their powers of political persuasion set the tone for the city. The difference is they can escape on private jets to get away from it. The rest of the people have to live there.

Radical members of Black Lives Matter, antifa, and garden variety anarchists have populated the protests and have been cheered for their destruction.

Fox News reports that Microsoft founder, Bill Gates, whose company is headquartered in Redmond, a city from which there have been calls for private security help, has cheered the protests.

He tweeted these messages on June 9th, well after police killings, assaults, riots, arsons, and CHAZ takeovers.

The horrifying killings of George Floyd, Ahmaud Arbery, Breonna Taylor and far too many other Black people—and the protests they sparked—are shining a light on the brutal injustices that Black people experience every day…

…in policing, criminal justice, education, health care, housing, the workplace and all other areas of their lives.

Couldn’t he have mustered a PLEASE DON’T BURN DOWN OUR CITY or something? How about a two-word message, “Stop Rioting.”

Amazon founder and owner of the Washington Post, Jeff Bezos says he was quite willing to have anyone who disagreed with his black lives matter stance as ex-customers. Thanks, but could you encourage your friends to stop rioting, please?


Starbucks supports Black Lives Matter but won’t allow employees to wear BLM garb because it will be misconstrued as being in support of riots by some customers. Can’t imagine why.

Now, of course, all of these multi-billionaires have their own private security. They’re not the ones calling the security companies. They’ve already got security.

But, here’s an idea. Instead of running off their mouths and blindly supporting a group, which, at the very least, is partly responsible for some of this rioting, looting, and arson across the country and in their own hometown, how about put out a message that stands up for what is right and against that which is wrong.

Here are a few things I hope we can all agree on.

  • Rioting – Wrong
  • Looting – Wrong
  • Arson – Wrong
  • Killing Cops – Wrong
  • Cops Conducting Unwarranted Killings – Wrong
  • Equal Justice Under the Law – Right

And here’s one more for the list.

  • Praising Rioters – Wrong

Let’s try to keep that in mind rich people. The very security of the little guy, who has no one else but the cops to call for security, depends on it.

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