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Ted Cruz

"Worst 9/11 ever" — Ted Cruz social media intern.
He's "contributing to the loss of freedom and the bankrupting of our country."
Chris Christie slams Texas Congress members as "hypocrites and I said back in 2012 they would be proven to be hypocrites" over Hurricane Sandy funding.
"America is far better than this."
They cut his mic mid-speech, and introduced the next speaker.
Buck: McConnell refusing to allow Senate consideration "seems to me to be a great reason to term-limit somebody."
Graham: "If he can’t get 60 votes... that tells me that you don’t care about qualifications any longer."
“I would readily vote for a one-sentence repeal of Obamacare," senator tells PJM.
Progressives politicize anything and everything.
They're blaming the SCOTUS nominee for the President's actions...