Ted Cruz Electrifies at Herschel Walker Rally

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Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Texas) appeared with Georgia’s Republican senatorial nominee Herschel Walker at a rally in Monroe, Ga. on Thursday. It was part of Walker’s bus tour, and Cruz and Walker spoke to a crowd that filled the lawn in front of the historic Walton County Courthouse.


Mike Collins, the GOP nominee for Georgia’s 10th congressional district, spoke first, and he talked about how Georgia voters are tired of the current climate in Washington and across the country.

Mike Collins
Townhall Media/Chris Queen

“I just feel, like me, you’re fed up,” Collins said. “I’m fed up with crime. I’m fed up with the criminalization of our police force. Fed up with our borders being wide open and people coming across that border, dealing drugs and human trafficking. I’m fed up with the spending up there and debt out of control. Y’all, we’ve got an opportunity here and we’re gonna make it happen.”

Collins lauded the fact that five of the top 10 counties in early voting totals are in the 10th district — which is heavily Republican — and he reminded rallygoers of the need to make sure friends and family get out and vote.

After a short delay (because Cruz and Walker’s lunch was taking longer than expected) during which the Walton County Commission Chairman stepped up to the mic to brag that Cruz complimented the local BBQ joint, Cruz walked out.

Pulling the mic out of the podium and walking around like a stand-up comic, Cruz eviscerated the Biden administration over the state of the nation under its watch.


“It’s so bad, Antifa can’t even afford bricks” and “It’s so bad, Eric Swalwell can’t afford Chinese dinners” were among Cruz’s one-liners about the economy. Then he brought the house down with, “Oh, in fact, it’s so bad, Hunter Biden can’t afford crack cocaine.”

Cruz imagined the audience telling him, “You’re supposed to encourage us. You suck at this.” Then he got serious.

“Revival is coming, and I believe that with all of my heart all across this country, people’s eyes are opening up,” he declared, adding, “this isn’t a battle anymore between Republican or Democrat. It’s not a battle anymore between conservative or liberal. This is a battle between sanity and insanity.”

Cruz predicted more than a red wave; he believes that a red tsunami is coming in November, and Georgia is going to be part of that tsunami.

“People in Georgia, the country is counting on you. People of Georgia, seniors are counting on you. Young people are counting on you. African Americans are counting on you. Hispanics are counting on you. Everyone who believes in a safe and sane and prosperous America is counting on the people of Georgia.” And with that, he introduced Walker, who walked to the podium as a raucous, adulating crowd cheered his name.


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The theme of Walker’s speech harkened back to the Old Testament book of Esther. “I know the Lord has prepared me for a moment just like this right here,” he said.

He related how his early life in Wrightsville, Ga., his time at the University of Georgia, his pro football career, his appearance on the 1992 U.S. Olympic Bobsled Team, his business career, and even his bout with mental illness prepared him for this race.

Walker referred to his opponent, Sen. Raphael Warnock (D-Ga.) as a “wolf in sheep’s clothing” and “the Grinch who stole Christmas” because Warnock and the other Democrats are “taking people’s dreams away.” He accused Warnock of hiding behind his oratory and selectively quoting scripture to further a radical left-wing agenda.

Then Walker discussed specific issues and got in some great one-liners.

Discussing indoctrination in our schools, he said, “Before they go after your kids, they have to go through me.”

In reference to the border, he said, “We’re a country of immigrants, but we’re also a country of laws.”

Walker also discussed the way Democrats continually try to bring his friend Donald Trump up in this election.


“This election isn’t about Donald Trump,” he announced. “It’s about the people.” Walker said that he didn’t like everything Trump tweeted and that he even discouraged the former president from putting some statements on Twitter. “He did it anyway,” Walker laughed.

Walker concluded that he’s in this race to fight, and the crowd’s reaction showed that they were too. Here’s hoping this sort of momentum can carry the Heisman Trophy winner all the way to Washington.


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