Can You Blame Him? Ted Cruz Seen Nodding Off During Biden's Speech

Al Drago/Pool via AP

Joe Biden’s first address before a Joint Session of Socially-Distant Members of Congress Wearing Masks was your usual litany of left-wing promises of big government. But it failed to get the same positive reaction of other past presidents in their first addresses to Congress. In fact, his past three predecessors, including Trump, all had higher-rated speeches.


And it makes sense. Biden’s speech was dull. A snoozer. A total dud. In fact, it nearly put Ted Cruz to sleep.

As the above video shows, Ted Cruz can be seen barely able to keep his eyes open by the end of Biden’s speech. Quite frankly, that he lasted that long without falling into a coma was remarkable.

Cruz himself responded to a video of him nodding off by saying Biden was “boring but radical.”

Mitt Romney was also seen apparently dozing off well.

It’s gonna be a long four years.


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