The Morning Briefing: Reality Check—AOC Is Still the Biggest Lunatic in Congress

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MTG Has Got Nothing on AOC When It Comes to Crazy

Happy Friday, dear Kruiser Morning Briefing friends. I may need to borrow a cheese grater.

Watching the spectacle that is Washington, D.C., play out can often be interesting and entertaining, a carnival freak show that’s fun to view from afar. It’s not really giving me the same detached pleasure that it used to, however. These days it has the feeling of a television drama that has been on the air one season too long. You know how that goes: the writers run out of ideas and the scripts start really reaching, becoming more implausible with each episode.


The next thing you know there’s a series finale that makes you hate yourself for ever even watching the show.

But there is a finale.

Puppet Joe Goes to Washington jumped the shark in its pilot episode and already feels as if we’re in that seventh season that has us praying for the series to wrap up. We will be getting no such reprieve, unfortunately.

The House of Representatives voted last night to strip freshman Congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-Ga.) of her committee assignments because she got into some goofy internet conspiracy theories a few years ago. We are to believe that Greene’s fringe internet wanderings are crimes against humanity, second only to those of Adolf Hitler and the producers of 2019’s Cats movie.

That’s not the shark-jumping part of this drama.

The surreal weirdness in all of this is that across the aisle in that very same House of Representatives one Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-N.Y.) is a member in good standing.

Let me put this as clearly as I can: Marjorie Taylor Greene’s craziest day on this planet would be AOC’s sanest.

While the House has been moving to brand MTG as Public Enemy Number One, its squeaky pathological liar has been barfing drama queen all over the place, telling tales about a member of the United States Senate trying to have her murdered.

This woman is so bat-you-know-what crazy that she probably spends her nights hanging upside down in a cave picking insect guts out of her teeth.


To the surprise of no one outside of mainstream media newsrooms, it turns out that AOC has been greatly embellishing her story about being in imminent danger on January 6th.

The unsurprising aspect of the story is that AOC is not facing any consequences whatsoever for slandering Ted Cruz, the Capitol Police, and anyone who finds her unfamiliarity with the truth offensive.

Bryan had a very good description in a recent post of the AOC modus operandi:

AOC’s tactics by now are well established. When she wants to put out a purposeful message she goes to social media and posts a video monologue. She can speak there unchallenged by questions, reporters, or facts. Commenters and followers fawn over her every word, like, reply, and spread her message virally for free. Journalists tend to report what she says uncritically, amplifying her chosen message and lending her undeserved credibility, then they wait for responses to report. It’s easy work. Rock ‘Em Sock ‘Em journalism. When pushback arrives from pundits or other members of Congress, AOC doubles and triples down, often accusing them of what she has done to deflect from whatever weaknesses or deceptions her critics have exposed.

This isn’t AOC’s first trip around the crazy/stupid track, of course. I wrote last month about another of her recent forays into Brain Dead Land.

Not only is AOC never held accountable for the stream of insanity that issues forth from her perpetually open mouth, but she is also lauded by Dem leadership and their media mouthpieces. Heck, they’re grooming her to be Speaker of the House one day.


But Marjorie Taylor Greene and QAnon, or some crap.

There are a lot of Republicans who are insisting that they have to deal with MTG to stave off a potential problem. They’re playing right into the Democrats’ hands. They’re idiots for doing so and they’re willingly giving cover to AOC for her latest bout of egregious lunacy.

Marjorie Taylor Greene could show up on the House floor wearing a Big Foot suit and singing Irish folk songs while she’s field-dressing a moose and she’d still be saner than Squeaky.

As long as AOC is breathing anywhere near the House of Representatives it will be nigh on impossible to make the case that anyone in the Republican caucus is the real “out there” problem.

For people who operate in reality, that is.

There aren’t a lot of them inside the Beltway.

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