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Is Big Labor really about workers' rights, or about Democratic Party coffers?
CEO counts being a franchise and hiring among most difficult things for businesses to face today.
"It’s a bad sign and a bad thing that this would come from Washington," opines education expert.
Protesting lowering taxes!
Trump "looked the workers at Carrier in the eye and he promised that not one of their jobs would be moved to Mexico," but "he was lying.”
"We do not turn to the Department of Education. NEA and those three million members will do something about it. We’ll fight this agenda."
Happy Labor Day
Summer vacation becomes a thing of the past for nearly half of the workforce as more are tied to jobs and for many fields the 9-to-5 is no longer.
Independent contractors are reporting greater satisfaction with their work lives than those forced to freelance out of necessity.
State legislators knock back St. Louis ordinance that boosted the city’s minimum wage from $7.70 to $10 an hour.
Compulsory dues system upheld with 1977 Abood v. Detroit Board of Education decision, though several groups have challenged constitutionality.
“There is no good reason for a multi-national corporation to be subsidized at such great expense of everyone else in the state," says analyst.