Wokists Run Amok: Leftist NYC Mayoral Candidate Rejects Campaign's Union Demands

(Dianne Morales campaign photo)

New York City mayoral candidate Dianne Morales proudly claims she’s the “progressive alternative” in the race. But former Democratic presidential candidate Andrew Yang and retired police officer Eric Adams — the leading candidates in the primary — would be progressive enough for about 95 percent of the country, giving us an idea of just how radical New York politicians are.


And Morales is definitely “out there” when it comes to her politics. She supports defunding the police, “guaranteed housing for all,” and “green food, green jobs, and green justice.”

She’s a little short on details, of course, She’s a politician. And what sounds great on the stump doesn’t translate well when it comes to real life.

Except her woke staff actually believed all that stuff. They took offense that they were forced to work in an office with people who weren’t black or brown. They believed they were underpaid and underappreciated, and they didn’t have any health insurance plan!

So they decided to form a union. And oh, what a union it is. If all unions had been like this, there wouldn’t have been any companies for workers to work at.

City & State New York:

A group of more than four dozen staffers calling themselves the Mayorales Union sent a letter to Morales on Thursday morning detailing specific demands, including a salary floor of $25 per hour and severance packages worth two weeks of pay for staffers who leave the campaign “voluntarily or involuntarily.” As of the last filing deadline on May 17, Morales’ campaign had nearly $3.8 million on hand. The letter also requested that Morales not spend her campaign funds on the “same old political tactics,” but rather on events such as community grocery giveaways and multilingual teach-ins on ranked-choice voting.

Not only do they want to get paid like campaign managers, they want to act like them, too. The staff/union failed to define the “same old political tactics” but you would imagine those tactics would include speeches, shaking hands with voters, advertisements — you know — stuff that politicians have been doing forever.


The staff/union’s big problem to overcome is that thousands of candidates have been elected using those “same old political tactics” while no one ever got elected because of a teach-in on ranked voting. Or even a grocery giveaway.

It sounds like a group of kids trying to raise money to save the family farm when one of them jumps up and exclaims, “Hey kids! Let’s put on a show!”

Morales, a realist if nothing else, rejected the kids’ demands.

In her response to the union, Morales said their demands “included things that either violate state and local laws, and/or create a risk of fiscal liability for the campaign.” A former campaign treasurer with experience on New York City campaigns who asked to speak on background to discuss a sensitive topic, agreed with Morales’ assessment, saying campaigns are not able to change existing employment contracts in the middle of a campaign. The former treasurer said Morales is right to be careful, since the candidate could be held personally liable for any fines the city might levy against her campaign.

Morales also accused some of the union organizers of “misconduct” that is “in violation of the National Labor Relations Act,” though said she would not be pursuing legal action. Morales did not expand on the accusation, and her campaign did not immediately respond to a request for comment. A representative of the labor union also did not respond to a request for comment.

It sounds like the woke kids were unaware of certain NLRB rules governing the election of a union, including simple stuff like not intimidating workers to join and not threatening management.


They grow up so quickly these days.

After rejecting the union’s demands, a woke political party, the Working Families Party, pulled its endorsement from Morales. Doesn’t she know the union is always right? This will certainly damage her woke bona fides going forward. She may never recover.

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Perhaps it was inevitable that the Morales campaign would implode. Putting so many people who believed so much crazy stuff in one place together was bound to overheat and boil over.


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