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Woke NYC Mayor Candidate Morales Calls Campaign Meltdown 'a Beautiful Mess'

(Dianne Morales campaign photo)

New York City’s wokest mayoral candidate, Dianne Morales, is lagging in the polls, her campaign has blown up, and her already slim chance of victory is disappearing faster than me eating a Nathan’s hot dog.

Morales may be woke, but she’s a politician through and through. With staffers leaving or threatening to leave, and the radical left candidate being accused of union-busting, she is still trying to put the best face on her dire situation.

“It’s a beautiful and messy thing, that they’re doing this,” Morales said Thursday during an appearance on TV.

“I think it’s reflective of the very transformative campaign that we have been running – that they’ve organized this way, and I’ve been fully supportive of that from the moment it was raised to me.”

Oh, really? Not according to staffers.

New York Post:

But some workers under the union banner said the same day they decided on a work stoppage because four of their leaders were fired from the campaign.

Morales’ appearance came after a rocky week for the Gracie Mansion hopeful that included anonymous social media accusations that people of color on staff were paid less than white workers. The candidate acknowledged unspecified “harm caused” by some staffers on Wednesday as she announced three departures.

In her TV appearance, she said her support for the union was separate from decisions on “who the appropriate staff are.”

If a company facing an effort by employees to unionize saw four pro-union employees fired, wouldn’t that be called “union-busting”? Not very woke of her, is it?

A statement from the “Dianne Morales for NYC Union” the same day as her appearance said a group of staff members told the candidate earlier this week about “a culture of manipulation, harassment and abuse.”

But four democratically elected leaders representing the staff to negotiate a contract were fired, the statement said. Three of them were black women and one was a queer white woman, according to the statement.

“They were terminated via email only minutes before a scheduled all-staff meeting, one in which we were prepared to calmly present our demands to move forward in order to create a space safe enough for staff to work in,” the statement said.

Needless to say, New Yorkers may be woke but they’re not stupid. Morales can’t even handle the small campaign staff she employs. How is she going to manage a city with 300,000 employees?