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Will also probe "whether these allegations reflect systemic problems" across intelligence.
Only a few masterminds can smuggle Mideast jihadists to our border. So target the talent.
UPDATE: Burr and Feinstein say they're not wading into GOP debate.
At counterterrorism center, tries to reassure Americans there's no "specific and credible" threat.
This is not the kind of message adults are used to hearing from their pastor, let alone the kids.
Andre Carson responds to Peter King's call for stepped-up reach into mosques.
Hayden: "There’s no requirement to be stupid, along with being generous."
Says he "didn't want to let my fellow Marines down" as he weathered "very inhumane and unjust" treatment.
FBI agents will be "screaming" if prosecution is not pursued.
Those would be the same emails Clinton's defenders call "innocuous."
The Queen must not be inconvenienced.
Three reasons I am hopeful millennials will be better at keeping the Republic than our parents.