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Elizabeth Warren

Or is she just accusing Trump of sexual-assault-by-tweet?
Dems including Pelosi complained of receiving 500-page bill shortly before vote with handwritten parts.
Navajo Nation responds: “In this day and age, all tribal nations still battle insensitive references to our people... an unfortunate historical legacy."
"You can get either get in front of it and call it a parade or you can stand to the side and be left behind," senator declares.
Comments "not only undermine our justice system but erode the American people’s confidence in our institutions," says Corker.
Bill is a legislative response to Equifax breach that may have compromised personal information for an estimated 143 million Americans.
Fire the Senate.
Indian-American tech entrepreneur Shiva Ayyadurai even sent senator a DNA test kit via Amazon, but was “deeply saddened” she rejected “thoughtful gift.”
Senator: "...Trump promised to drain the swamp, and it is getting worse than ever down there."