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Spy got a glance at more than he bargained for.
Industry warns premature legislation could “stifle innovation, restrict economic growth, limit interstate commerce and potentially compromise safety.”
His concerns sound like science fiction paranoia, but they're grounded in future reality.
"UAS can be a helpful tool during disaster relief," but "please stay clear and allow the professionals to do their important work.”
Unmanned aerial vehicles run into a problem.
Helicopter pilot in South Carolina reported "a white 'DJI Phantom quad-copter drone' was headed into their air space" before taking evasive action and crash-landing.
Hobbyist lobby fires back that "no one group has a greater claim to the nation’s airspace than any other.”
The threat video shows a cell speaking in Russian and wielding knives before an ISIS flag, with the identities of three of the 11 members obscured.
Terror groups have been experimenting with drones in order to increase their fighting capacity, with ISIS stepping up their research and development.