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Before leaving for the August recess, House appropriators approved $5 billion for 200 miles of border wall; Trump wants $25 billion.
Schumer says the extra session is welcome so that Democrats can push healthcare reform legislation just before midterms.
Celebrities endorse lowering voting age to 16.
"Our extraordinary fiscal crisis demands an extraordinary solution," says sponsor Goodlatte as CBO projects deficit spending will increase $11.7 trillion over the next decade.
"We estimate that the 2018 deficit will total $804 billion, $139 billion more than the $665 billion shortfall recorded in 2017," says director Hall, and "deficits continue increasing after 2018."
"We should have expected that Trump would easily be capable of running trillion-dollar deficits," says national party chairman.
Not the Onion...
"Now because you have a Republican president, Republican House and Senate, you want to go on a spending spree? I don't know how you justify it," says Steele.
Says Defense Department cannot continue to ask Congress for more funding in the future while spending money on “less than proper things.”