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Senators say CMS hasn't recouped any wasted money since 1992.
The national debt is currently more than $22 trillion as federal spending has climbed 146 percent.
Trump on using military construction funds: "This is far more important than what they were going to use it for... didn't sound too important to me."
"He's not getting what he wanted. And I think he knows that," says Thune. "...I think the president can live to fight another day."
Projected at 150 percent of GDP by 2049, and "even at its highest point ever even after World War II debt was far less than that at 106 percent of GDP."
"The targets of our investigations now have an advantage of being better informed and better resourced than our members."
"It's bad enough to work without pay, but we can only conduct administrative functions while doing it. The fear is our enemies know they can run freely."
Andrés said 6,000 to 8,000 hot meals per day have been served for those affected by the shutdown since the Pennsylvania Avenue kitchen opened.
Air traffic controllers tell Congress "no one should be under the illusion that it’s business as usual for aviation safety during a shutdown."