The Morning Briefing: Alejandro Mayorkas Would Have Been Fired From Any Other Job by Now

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Happy Friday, dear Kruiser Morning Briefing friends. Zanzuela had taken to carrying an extra-large purse because she never knew who might need a bratwurst with proper condiments.


Conservatives never expect the federal government to actually be functional. Heck, most of the time I don’t even want it to be functional. The Biden administration is, for the most part, criminally dysfunctional, which nobody needs.

When perusing the rogue’s gallery of incompetence that is the Biden administration, it’s difficult to figure out which one is the worst of the lot. Biden’s status as Worst U.S. President Ever can often provide cover for the parade of dolts who are acting as his supporting cast. Despite all of the competition in the race to the bottom, Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas manages to stand out.

Mayorkas is the latest Biden higher-up to be called up to Capitol Hill by the Republicans in the House. Yeah, these things are just so much Kabuki theater, but it is somewhat entertaining to see Democrats who are coddled by the friendly D.C. press corps get a little bit of upbraiding on camera.

There was plenty of upbraiding to be doled out the other day, which Rick wrote about:

Republicans on the Judiciary Committee held an old-fashioned barbecue on Wednesday. On the menu — and not coincidentally, the guest of honor — was none other than Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas.

The Biden administration fumbled the ball at the border, and Republicans wasted no time piling on the hapless DHS secretary.

Arizona Rep. Andy Biggs tagged Mayorkas for not taking responsibility for the catastrophe at the border.

“You and I have had this song and dance before, you never wanna answer the question,” Biggs said when Mayorkas evaded the question of blame for the administration’s failed policies at the southern border.

Wisconsin Rep. Tom Tiffany lit a fire under Mayorkas’s chair when he quoted FBI Director Christopher Wray during a previous hearing that there were “very serious criminal threats” coming across the border.

“That was two weeks ago from FBI Director Wray, in other words saying the border is out of control. You say it’s under control,” Tiffany said. “Who’s lying — you or FBI Director Wray?”


Gosh, do we have to pick one? With this administration, it’s very possible that they are both lying every time they open their mouths.

Mayorkas has the unmitigated gall to continue to insist that he and President LOLEightyonemillion have full control of the U.S./Mexican border and that there is nothing untoward happening down there. I live 60 miles from the border, and I can assure you that Team Joe doesn’t have anything under control there. Mayorkas can continue to lie about the situation because he knows that the Democrats’ flying monkeys in the mainstream media won’t take him to task for being a complete idiot.

In the real world, people like Mayorkas get tossed out on the street rather quickly for their inability to do their jobs. In government, people like Alejandro Mayorkas continue to fail upward.

The Democrats on the committee were, of course, upset that the Republicans were pointing out the obvious:

New York Rep. Jerrold Nadler complained that the hearing was for the benefit of the “right-win outrage machine.”


Mayorkas and Christopher Wray are tasked with the security of the citizens of this country. Wray is — under orders from the guy at the top — obsessed with targeting people who are only threats to his boss’s future. Mayorkas, on the other hand, is in over his head and utterly incapable of doing any part of his job well. He couldn’t fix the problems even if the Democrats’ border policies weren’t a nightmare.


Well, Dem border policies are a dream for the cartels.

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The Mailbag of Magnificence

Here’s one for today. This is from Deb:

I squint my eyes, tilt my head and frown my forehead five days a week while attempting to figure out your opening, however, to no avail. How your mind comes up with totally irrelevant, nonsensical, out of thin air thoughts, yet with absolute humor is beyond me.  You are a puzzle.  (This is a compliment.)

I’m glad you’re enjoying the Sine Qua Non Sequitur, Deb. Honestly, I’m a puzzle to myself too. You should try living in this brain. Wait, no you shouldn’t. Nobody but me should. Don’t try to Kruiser at home, kids.

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