The Morning Briefing: Christianity Is Still Fair Game for Secular Leftist Loons

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Happy Friday, dear Kruiser Morning Briefing friends. Barwick took great pride in his ability to convince complete strangers that he could whistle in ten different languages.


First, I would like to thank Megan for filling in yesterday and sharing some of that special mad magic of hers. She’s a peach, and I’m proud to stand in solidarity with her by not going to CPAC. And the reason that her kids’ Catholic school doesn’t do meatless Fridays during Lent is that the Lenten fasting and abstinence rules don’t apply to anyone under 18.

Also, we were a little light on emails this week, so there will be no Mailbag today. I have been getting sent a lot of emails with links in them and I should make it clear that I’m not reading any of them. It’s nothing personal. Maybe.

American leftists are always going on about being anti-hate and anti-bigotry, portraying themselves as pillars of tolerance. They are tolerant of anyone who adheres to their brand of godless secularism. People of faith, however, don’t get much of a fair shake from them.

OK, they have a soft spot for Islam, but that’s only because so many Islamists hate the United States.

Christians, on the other hand, aren’t very popular with progressives. They treat Christianity like it some sort of communicable disease, and the mere mention of Jesus will cause mass conversions within a 100-mile radius.

If only it were that easy.

Chris wrote something yesterday that shows just how evangelical some hardcore atheists can be:

Football legend and newly minted University of Colorado head football coach Deion Sanders is in the crosshairs of what I call the Godless Gestapo. Militant atheist organization the Freedom From Religion Foundation (FFRF) is now taking on Coach Prime for talking about his Christian faith with his players.

The FFRF sent a letter to the University of Colorado Chancellor Phil DiStefano complaining that Sanders was — better sit down for this one — praying at meetings.

“Multiple concerned Colorado residents have reached out to FFRF to report that CU’s new football coach Deion Sanders has been infusing his program with Christianity and engaging in religious exercises with players and staff members,” the letter stated. “It is our understanding that on December 20, 2022, a staff member led other staff members in a Christian prayer to start an official meeting.”


What are the odds that, “Multiple concerned Colorado residents,” was really just one stoned dude who heard about the praying and had some daddy issues to work out? It’s difficult to believe that there was some groundswell of fear for what might become of the young men who were subjected to a prayer.

As a person of faith, my experience with 21st century atheists is that they do a lot of preaching for people who supposedly don’t believe in anything. I’ve been referring to them as evangelical for a long time now. They’re not going to be happy until every Christian on Earth stops believing in God.

The FFRF’s complaints really do come off like the ravings of a severely unbalanced person who didn’t get hugged enough as a kid.

There was more news on the “Scary God People” front yesterday. Attorney General Merrick Garland headed to Capitol Hill yesterday for a woodshed session in front of the Senate Judiciary Committee. Robert covered that for us:

In a heated exchange with Gestapo chief Merrick Garland at a Senate Judiciary Committee hearing Wednesday, Sen. Josh Hawley (R-Mo.) directly challenged Garland’s viciously corrupt and politicized “Justice” Department, and zeroed in on the once-respected agency’s targeting of traditionalist Roman Catholics. While Garland maintained, in the teeth of the available evidence, that the department is not actually targeting Catholics, he claimed not to know how many spies and informants the feds have in those hotbeds of terrorism, traditional Catholic parishes. In other words, he didn’t say they didn’t have any such spies and informants. So if you’re Catholic, be watchful: the guy in the pew behind you could be taking notes.


This is just like the hot water Garland found himself in when the Justice Department decided that parents who showed up to public school board meetings should be treated as domestic terrorists. He tries to immediately distance himself from the written evidence, but he’s been caught with his hand in the fascist cookie jar. The emotion that exhibited in his exchange with Hawley had nothing to do with him finding the memo about Traddy Catholics “appalling,” as he kept insisting. Garland was just upset because we found out about it.

Again, he gets away with it because it is perfectly OK to single out Christians — and especially Catholics — for harassment like this.

If the FBI were to poke around that other major religion that actually does have a track record of terrorism, the proggies would really be in a state.

As we’ve discussed before, Garland’s rogue DoJ is no doubt putting the country in real danger because it’s got the FBI functioning as Joe Biden’s political goon squad rather than going after the real bad guys.

These are truly exhausting times we live in.

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