The Morning Briefing: The Physician of the Future — Dumber, Woker, and More Likely to Kill You

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Happy Tuesday, dear Kruiser Morning Briefing friends. Bethany really thought that the vest she made out of healing crystals would have been a bigger hit at the monthly Mendocino Cat Fancy meetup.


A couple of stories have popped up recently that don’t inspire hope for the competency of the next generation of American physicians. As if we already didn’t have enough about the future to make us worry.

The first that caught my eye was a video that Ben shared at the beginning of the month in a post titled: Medical Schools Sacrifice Entry Standards at Altar of Racial Equity.

Prominent law and medical schools are throwing standardized entrance exams and merit out of the window to keep affirmative action alive long past its expiration date.

Leftists will no doubt say I object to this because I’m a knuckle-dragging conservative racist. While it’s true that I’ve never bought into the whole “standardized tests are culturally and racially biased” canard, it’s because I think is actually more racist than the racism it purports to be highlighting.

I’m just saying that an across-the-board lowering of entrance standards for medical school MIGHT be fraught with unpleasant consequences. Maybe I’m old-fashioned, but I think it should be more difficult to become a physician, not easier.

Yeah, I have trust issues when it comes to the medical profession. Ben has some interesting comments on the overall state of healthcare in the United States at the end of his post. I highly recommend reading them.

Catherine wrote a post yesterday that has some real head-scratching stuff in it:

Harvard Medical School (HMS) is focused on protecting health — by putting “climate change” ideology in its M.D. curriculum. Because after fifty years of failed climate doom predictions, as well as recent evidence global warming is a hoax, Harvard is of course following the science… by putting leftist ideology ahead of scientific data. And elites wonder why people don’t trust the medical establishment.


Catherine goes on to cite the Harvard Crimson, which explains that “The new climate change curriculum will examine the impact of climate change on health and health inequality” and a bunch of other leftist lunacy.

The only health impacted by climate change is the health of American taxpayers’ wallets, which are besieged by the leftists in the federal government who gouge them to prop up the green boondoggle.

So… the fiction that props up the biggest grift in America is going to be taught to future physicians at one of the top medical schools in the country.

Comforting, no?

It’s stunning to think that the doctors of tomorrow will be preparing to save lives by studying a fairy tale at what used to be the most respected university in the United States. I don’t want to be rushed to a hospital in my later years and be assigned a youthful physician who has a blank stare and is more interested in whether I have solar or wind power than what’s ailing me.

Early on in the education indoctrination push in America (which I wrote about in Don’t Let the Hippies Shower), it was clear that the people at the top knew that they were pushing an agenda that was full of b.s. It’s been going on for so long now, however, that I think that they all believe their own lies. It’s an infinity loop of prevarication over in Prog Land. They’ve reinforced their lies so many times that they accept them as truth.


Those who originally orchestrated leftist indoctrination in academia (seriously, read my book) have turned out an army of brainwashed foot soldiers to take over for them, so we’re only going to see things get worse.

One thing is certain: I’m all in on being a health nut now. I don’t want to expire at the hands of Dr. Woke.

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