The Morning Briefing: Government COVID Fascists Can't Grasp That We've All Moved On

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Top O’ the Briefing

Happy Wednesday, dear Kruiser Morning Briefing Friends. Anselm’s insistence that crème fraîche makes every dish better gave him permanent freak status at the parish festival’s annual nacho competition.


Many thanks once more to my friend Megan Fox for stepping in and covering for me as I spent some time meeting interesting people in airport bars on my way home. I always know that the Briefing is in excellent hands with her.

There were still some people wearing masks on the planes and in the airports for the Thanksgiving travel season. One thing I immediately noticed was that a lot of them were keeping the masks slung under their chins or constantly pulling them down to talk to people. It was a theater of the absurd.

Even the people who are still “taking COVID seriously” aren’t taking it very seriously.

This is no doubt frustrating to the government overlords who still want the riffraff to cower in fear at their every proclamation of COVID doom and scurry off to get their millionth booster shot.

OK, “millionth” might be a bit of an exaggeration, but there doesn’t seem to be an end to them in sight in the government’s plans. Ben wrote yesterday about the heavy sales pitch:

In a sadistic and disorienting rhetorical flourish, White House Coronavirus Response Coordinator Dr. Ashish Jha, COVID Warlord Fauci’s diverse protégé, declared that the best way to “move on” from COVID-19 is actually to submit to an endless booster campaign for eternity.

“Despite aggressive messaging, U.S. vaccination rates remain low,” reads the ABC News chyron.

“People aren’t listening. What do you do?” asks the near-hysterical news actor, her voice inflecting upwards at the end of the question to indicate frustration.

“It’s been obviously a long two and a half years,” Dr. Jha begins. “We understand that people want to move on. The good news is that people can move on if they keep their immunity up to date.”

No, Dr. Paste-Eater, we don’t want to move on, we have moved on. Quite some time ago, as a matter of fact. The sheltered elites don’t spend enough time in the real world to understand that.

They aren’t letting up, however. My Townhall colleague Rebecca Downs highlighted the new moronic effort in Los Angeles to get people to hop on the booster train:


There’s something about COVID-19 vaccine and booster ad campaigns that are just so cringeworthy, that you almost want to laugh, if not given the grave reality of how the unvaccinated have been ostracized. As our friends at Twitchy highlighted earlier on Tuesday, the LA Public Health account tried to encourage people to get their booster through ads in English and Spanish that advertise Randy’s Donuts in Inglewood, California.

The ad encourages people to get a booster shot so that they can “rediscover” their “midnight cravings,” as if heading out for a donut is a game of COVID Russian roulette. (Side note: I used to live a few blocks from Randy’s and I’ve mostly given up on donuts in the 20 years since I moved away from it, they’re that good.)

The government types seem to be hoping that we regular folks aren’t noticing what buffoons they are. Stacey wrote on Monday that Anthony Fauci continues to be a clueless one-note tyrant even as he is on his way out of the door.

Over at RedState, Mike Miller has the story about even more revelations regarding the lack of forthrightness and competence at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention:

Anyone shocked by the report that the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) withheld data about a potentially fatal complication from COVID-19 vaccinations until it was forced under court order to release the data hasn’t been paying attention to the CDC’s multitude of misstatements and lies over the last two years.

As reported by Just the News, data released under court order shows 1 in 3 among the earliest populations to get vaccinated reported needing medical care, missed school or work, or was unable to “perform normal daily activities,” while the CDC continued to fight to keep the data from the public.

The people tasked with doing everything they could to protect the public health did almost anything but that and most of the public is now aware of that. We aren’t in a state of early COVID panic and now have a lot of experience with them getting things very, very wrong.


Run along, you petty and incompetent tyrants, we’re not interested in the COVID booster snake oil that you’re selling. Your fifteen minutes of screwing up lives lasted almost three years and it’s time for you to all shut up or — in a perfect world — do a little hard time for the damage you’ve caused.

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The Mailbag of Magnificence

Welcome to this VERY SPECIAL Wednesday installment of the Mailbag. We still need more for the regularly scheduled Friday Mailbag!

Let us begin with this from John:

Good afternoon Mr Kruiser,

Always look forward to your morning dissertations and humor, great way to begin my day.
In regards to your wish for us to to have a great day yesterday if we wanted to, I spent another Thanksgiving with a divided family politically and it was memorable. I’m on the South Carolina coast so it was a beautiful warm day spent outside around the fire pit, enjoying a fine Cohiba and Angel’s Envy neat. Conversations were sports oriented and not a word of politics the entire day. Would have enjoyed having you there, you’d have had a fine time guaranteed! Keep up your astute observations, and as for a name for your second sentence, don’t care, just keep ‘em coming, and thanks.

It’s good to know that people can still focus on the important things — family, food, and booze — without politics polluting the environment. I had a similar experience with my family last week. We definitely weren’t all on the same page politically, but we focused on the time together and it was fantastic. A mouthful of food and good liquor can bring a lot of harmony into this nutso world.

Being a sports fan helps too. Even though I had to do a couple of holiday-shortened Briefings last week, I pretty much spent three-and-a-half days just watching and talking about football.

Might have won a little money too.


David writes:


Huge fan and long-time reader of the Morning Briefing. Like you, I went through the throes of post-election angst. I can’t even begin to rehash except to say that you may be living in the most corrupt state west of Pennsylvania. And that includes Illinois.

But this observation is also germane to my question.

How can a Republican – and Republican – win the White House in 2024 when Arizona, Nevada, Colorado, Wisconsin, Minnesota, Michigan and Pennsylvania have become inexorably and (at least in the next two years) irredeemably corrupted by mail-in ballots? The question is no longer whether a Republican can win these states, the question is how hard are the Democrats there laughing as they hold their trash bags and 60-gallon Tupperware containers of pre-marked “mail-in” votes, waiting to see how many they need to secure the state’s electoral votes for the D-team?

Without those states, and with the Left Coast, New England sans New Hampshire, and everywhere north of Virginia blue or equally corrupt, getting 270 electoral votes becomes an absurd game of twister, if not impossible. Even with New Hampshire and Virginia (ha!), the best I can come up with is 265.

Can this be resolved, especially with Arizona now apparently lost? Or are we doomed to permanent rule by the insane elite minority and national suicide?

There are many reasons I’m not in panic mode yet. One is that there is still time for the GOP to learn how to deal with mail-in ballots better. I’ll write more on this soon but, as I think I said last week, I’m finally embracing the suck and the reality of the situation. Remember, Republicans can ballot harvest where it’s legal too, they just haven’t thus far. Given the legendarily awful GOP get-out-the-vote efforts, shifting the focus to mail-in ballots could help a lot. Again, this is a maybe, but a possible maybe.

Another reason is that Arizona isn’t lost. As I detailed in this podcast episode, the Dems have enjoyed an extraordinary run of good luck for four years here. I have no doubt that they will misread this as a mandate and begin overreaching before the Super Bowl next year. They’ll soon find out just how purple this state still is.


Again, I caution against the defeatist attitude, which is the real way the Democrats cruise to victory. If they demoralize enough voters on the right to the point where they stay home en masse, the battle is over before it’s even fought.

We’ll wrap up with this from Brice:

No one EVER mentions Malaguena.  Thank you.  This really brought back memories.  In my misguided youth I spent a lot of time in Newport Rhode Island where friends and I spent a lot of nights pretending we’re Paul Pelosi and getting hammered… except it was to live music in bars.  Because you mentioned Malaguena I thought you might appreciate this… or at least find it interesting…  First time I’d ever seen classical music by a bluegrass banjo player.  Roger Sprung was awesome and we loved the guy.  We’d go see him whenever he came over from Connecticut.

Wow, I’d never heard that Roger Sprung version!

“Malagueña” popped into my head a few weeks ago when I was trying to come up with the second line and I was overthinking it so I just set it aside. As soon as I thought of “hate yodel” it popped back in. I actually featured a “Malagueña” video at the end of the Briefing sometime in the last two years that I’m going to slip in again in the near future.

Thank you again, Mailbag contributors. Can’t wait for Friday’s fun.

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