The Morning Briefing: It Will Be Fun to Finally Be Rid of Stacey Abrams

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Happy Tuesday, dear Kruiser Morning Briefing friends. Xander was unable to explain why he preferred the scent of a Chuckie doll to most human contact, but Frieda never judged him.


One of the more loathsome people to pollute the American political landscape in recent years is Georgia’s Stacey Abrams. Despite what the Democratic advocacy hacks in the mainstream media would have you believe, Abrams is the loudest and most vehement election denier in the land. She has been for four years now. Abrams has never once admitted to losing to Brian Kemp in the last Georgia gubernatorial election. She’s currently trailing the incumbent Kemp by double digits, so she must be wrecking herself trying to pregame excuses for the steamrolling she’s about to get.

Chris wrote a post yesterday about Abrams’s final-stage flailing, and it’s really bizarre even for a Democrat:

Stacey Abrams has now surpassed Hillary Clinton as the least self-aware person in the world. Just a few weeks ago, she exhibited how tone-deaf she is toward Georgia voters by appearing in Athens during an away game weekend for the Georgia Bulldogs.

Abrams continues to embarrass herself. On Friday night, with just over two weeks to go before the midterm elections, she could have spent time trying to make her case for why Georgians should let her ruin the Peach State. But instead, she appeared on stage at Atlanta’s State Farm Arena at the Lizzo concert alongside opening act Latto (🤷), holding up a sign that read “My Body My Choice” and hawking for abortion.

First off, she didn’t appear with headliner Lizzo (I promise I won’t make fat jokes); instead, she showed up with the opening act. That’s embarrassing enough, but Latto was performing her, ummm, hit song “P***y” (which probably doesn’t objectify women at all) as Abrams hopped onstage.

For those of you with strong stomachs, there is an accompanying video and further explanation in Chris’s post.


Democratic candidates all over the country are still hoping that their lust for killing babies will somehow provide electoral magic for them next month. It’s pathetic to watch on so many levels. They continue to tell themselves what the American people want rather than asking the people.

Abrams is a Democrat in the Wendy Davis/Beto O’Rourke mode — greatly loved by Democrats almost everywhere but in her own state. The majority of her donations come from outside of Georgia. Dems pour money into her lost cause that could be spent on whatever winnable close races they might have this year. The amount of money flushed down the toilet for Abrams and Horsemouth O’Rourke is both staggering and hilarious.

The national party loves Abrams, so she will no doubt linger like a bad odor after this election. Her viability as a candidate will be shot, however. The Democrats’ three biggest retreads in this cycle — Abrams, Charlie Crist, and O’Rourke — are all about to get absolutely crushed in their respective elections. It’s more than likely that the party will revisit the “media celebrity candidate” model after this and make some changes going forward.

Stacey Abrams can continue to pad her bank account by duping low-function Democrats, but the rest of us will be spared having to watch the idiots in the MSM contort themselves to pretend that she might win an election.

Yet another layer of delicious icing on the 2022 midterms cake.

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The Mailbag of Magnificence

Tuesdays do have a little something fun about them since the Mailbag was birthed.


We will kick off today’s effort with this from Steve:

Gosh, Stephen, did you have a bad weekend. I really missed your great Twitter finds in “Everything Isn’t Awful.”

I just found ChiveTV. Saw it on a huge screen at Hickory Tavern in Charlotte. Wow! What a bunch of great videos. Everything wasn’t awful!

Thanks for your good work, reporting and analysis! 

I actually had a really mellow and good weekend. No booze, a couple of workouts, lots of reading, and video game time. “Everything Isn’t Awful” was there, but between the time I published the Briefing (which was pretty early) and the time my editor Paula got to it in the morning the video had been pulled from the account I usually use for the section. Paula had mercy on me and decided to just nuke it for the day rather than hit me up at the crack of dawn for a replacement. It was a fluke. Thanks for noticing though!

And Chive TV made being in my favorite watering hole in Los Angeles even more fun, which I never thought was possible.

Bernie writes:

I’ve enjoyed reading your Morning Briefing every day for the past few years. I guess I’m dense or stupid because not once have I understood your jokes in the opening paragraph. All the other stuff is good.

I’d feel offended if those lines were jokes, but they aren’t. Jokes are what I tell on stage. The second line of the opening paragraph is nothing more than a bit of whimsical wordplay silliness to take the edge off before we plunge into the news. There is nothing to understand or get.

This is from Nathan:

Dear Kruiser:

Since you started late with Sober October, I would like to challenge you to finish late too. Not a full 30 days, but until November 9 (hopefully you’ll have something to celebrate in Arizona by then). We don’t see enough of your “coffee side.”


I hate to disappoint, Nathan, but I’m not even going to make it until the end of October. I found out last week that some friends who I haven’t seen in six years will be in Tucson on business on Friday and they’re whiskey drinkers. We’ve decided that it’s a special occasion. Worry not, there will be plenty of Coffee Kruiser in the coming weeks. I’m focused.

Damon has some thoughts on pronunciation:

Stephen, people who pronounce a hard “T” in ofTen are the same people
who pronounce a hard “G” in any word ending in “-ing”, “Been” like
“Bean”, and most egregiously, “leisure” as “lehzure”.

Don’t even get me started on how they pronounce Pecan.

So…history’s greatest monsters. Or Brits.

Here’s a thoughtful note from Peter:


Monday’s morning briefing really struck a chord with me, here in Washington state.  Somewhere in Seattle there are people prepping ballots that can be easily ‘found’ in car back seats, trunks, homeless shelters and the like, just in case Tiffany Smiley pulls ahead in the polls and the ballot count two weeks from tomorrow.   In any election with a blue city like Seattle in it, the GOP candidate isn’t safe if they’re just ahead in the polls.  They have to be so far ahead it’s not just outside the polling margin of error it has to be outside the margin of theft.

Hopefully there are too many races with big margins for the Dems to ‘keep’ the Senate. 

Were it not for what you describe here, my enthusiasm for Election Day would be at “kid on Christmas Eve” levels. I do think that a lot of the margins are probably bigger and that the Dems’ internal polling is telling them that. I also think that they know they’re being watched without the fog of the pandemic blinding people. I don’t think they can get away with as much this time around.


We will finish with this from William:

The very last thing I expected was that you would put me at the top of the mailbag.  I am gob-smacked. By the way, I did not mean to disparage your opening paragraph.  I like off the wall humor, too.  In fact, after James Taranto dropped ‘Best of the Web’, my life was an aching void until you took up the Morning Briefing’.  I enjoy all of it and never miss it.  Thank you, and keep up the good works.

And now you’ve already made a repeat appearance! Should I ever claim any kind of royal inheritance, I would like “Void-Filler” to be part of my title.

So many good emails lately, I wish I could get to them all here. Thank you very much for your participation, dear readers.

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