SCARY: Biden Might Actually Believe His Latest Whopper

(Screencap courtesy of NowThis News.)

Presidentish Joe Biden’s latest lie is so big that he’d have to be desperate or senile to tell it.

Maybe together we can figure out which one Biden is — this time.


I’m sure your memory goes as far back as late August of this year, when our nation’s alleged chief executive announced that, without consulting Congress, he would use “executive action” to spend about $400 billion providing “debt relief” on student loans of up to $20,000 “for the most vulnerable borrowers.”

It was pretty straightforward. Autocratic, even. All those tax monies being spent without a word from Congress, despite that niggling little constitutional detail about all spending originating there.

“It’s flagrantly illegal for the executive branch to create a … program by press release,” according to the Pacific Legal Foundation, which has filed suit against the White House’s one-man largess.

Biden is a big backer of debt relief, having campaigned on it in 2020 and then delivering it — or at least trying to — just in time for the midterms.

So why would he lie about it? Or has he forgotten? Or is it something worse?

To see what I mean, you’ll have to watch this short video from a sit-down Biden did this weekend with six “change-makers” (barf) from NowThis News. I must warn you in advance that the clip has not been altered in any way. Biden really did say these words, and young change-maker (gag) Joshika Kumaran really did appear stunned into silence.


“It’s passed,” Biden said of his one-man act. “I got it passed by a vote or two.”

Student loan forgiveness passed what by a vote or two?

Did the cabal that runs the Biden Administration raise hands to decide if Joe should put his signature on an executive order certain to annoy millions of fiscally responsible adult Americans?

I can see it now. Ron Klain — The Real American President™ — cast the deciding vote while Biden was enjoying puddin’ time before his afternoon nap.

Maybe that seems farfetched, but remember this cringeworthy classic from the very first days of the “Biden” Administration:

More: “In the clip, posted on YouTube, the 46th President of the United States can be heard saying ‘I don’t know what I’m signing’ on camera. Vice President Kamala Harris then appears to urge Biden to sign the unknown executive order anyway before he proceeds to put pen to paper.”

Maybe Biden was just pandering to Kumaran. He does, as the press like to cheekily excuse him, have a penchant for making things up (let’s not call it “lying”) in order to “connect” with his audience. He isn’t morally reprehensible, goes the thinking. He’s just a touchy-feely (ew) people person to a fault.

Maybe Biden’s brain has gone softer than his favorite ice cream left out in the sun. At this point in his accelerating senescence, there might not be any difference any longer between signing a bill passed by Congress and fixing his signature to an illegal executive order. It’s all the same, right, so long as the Big Guy buys the votes and, more importantly, gets his ten percent?


Or, most sinister of all, maybe our Commander-in-Chief has become such a puppet that he signs what he’s told, says what he’s told, and even believes what he’s told.

Honestly, I have no way to tell which possibility is the most likely. I can’t even provide you with the assurance that the most sinister option is just too far out there to possibly be true.

One last thing.

After my third viewing, I’m now finding it impossible to tell whether Kumaran just doesn’t know the facts, or is blinking “S.O.S” like a POW forced to do a propaganda video.

What say you, gentle reader?

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