The Morning Briefing: Biden's Revenge-Fest Isn't Going to Work Out Well for the Dems

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Happy Monday, dear Kruiser Morning Briefing friends. Bernadette is always more delightful after a third helping of Spam stew.

The ugliness that is American politics is being displayed at its most hideous these days, thanks to the wicked cabal that’s running Joe Biden’s two brain cells. The Democrats’ daddy-issues obsession with Donald Trump is making them behave like cornered animals. They no doubt believe that their insane attacks on Trump will bear fruit for them.


There’s no amount of lipstick that can be put on this pig to make it look better, however. As Matt wrote the other day, even avowed lefties like Bill Maher are acknowledging that the raid by the Biden Stasi on Mar-a-Lago is a publicity boon for the former president.

Mitch covered the story about White House Spokesditz Karine Jean-Pierre’s  televised attempt to assure the public that her boss wasn’t involved in the stormtrooper action last week:

The White House Press Secretary was out doing damage control on ABC’s This Week over the FBI raid of the Trump family home.

“[Biden] ran on not politicizing the DOJ — he has said that as president — but how concerned is he to see this investigation play out in the middle of a campaign, at least raising the appearance of a politicized Department of Justice?” asked Jon Karl, Chief Washington Correspondent for ABC News and co-anchor of This Week.

Jean-Pierre declared “this is not true” and went on to defend Attorney General Merrick Garland, stating that he is not the President’s lawyer and that Biden believes in the rule of law.

”We do not interfere, we do not get briefed,” Jean-Pierre stated. “The Department of Justice—again when it comes to law enforcement matters it is independent—complete independence—and I’m just not going to comment on that…because we’re going to let Merrick Garland speak for himself.”

Whenever politicians have their spokespersons claiming that politics aren’t behind something, politics are always behind it. In fact, it’s a bit silly when politicians say they’re not motivated by politics because they’re, you know, in the business.


The Democrats and their flying monkeys in the mainstream media will continue to lie about what they are up to. They can’t admit that the thought of Trump on the ballot in 2024 is the thing that most terrifies them. Honesty is never the best policy with them anyway, but that’s the case even more when it comes to all things Trump-related.

The Biden administration is riddled with the cancer of corruption. They can’t pretend that any part of it is free from the rot.

The stench from it all will linger until November.

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