The Morning Briefing: Democrats Find a New Lunatic Fringe After SCOTUS Leak

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Happy Wednesday, dear Kruiser Morning Briefing friends. Give a man a fish, and he eats for a day. Teach a man to be a haberdasher, and he looks better doing it.


In yesterday’s Briefing, we discussed the first few hours of the leftist meltdown over the leaked Supreme Court draft that could lead to overturning Roe v Wade. 

That was just the calm before the emotionally unstable storm.

The Democrats fell apart together on Tuesday, flying unholy freak flags as only they can.

We’re overloaded with examples of the tantrum but I’ll just give you a sort of greatest hits list this morning.

To begin, Kevin wrote a post about how overreaching by the Democrats on abortion got them to this point. They went from “safe, legal, and rare” during the Clinton years to screeching about abortion on demand up until the point of birth.

Robert has a post about the Democrats predictably using the news to scare their base into thinking that the evil GOP is going to take EVERYTHING away:

The Left is in an apocalyptic mood after the leak of Justice Samuel Alito’s draft opinion that may, if the intimidation campaign that the leakers were hoping to provoke doesn’t succeed, herald the end of Roe v. Wade. If the Supreme Court really does overturn Roe, it won’t even mean the end of legal abortion, as the states would be free to make their own laws concerning the practice. But Reps. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-Ditzville) and Eric Swalwell (D-Fang Fang) want you to believe that this is just the beginning of a MAGA wave so large that it threatens to drown every pet Leftist cause and then some. According to these and other hysterical Leftists, Alito’s draft decision, which may not end up being anything close to the majority decision at all, is just the beginning of a movement of conservative meanies who are going to destroy everything the Left holds dear. Hey, we can always hope!


That’s right, we’re coming after same-sex marriage, avocado toast, and Christmas puppies. Sure, I’m using absurdity to make a point, but it’s not that absurd:

Of course, the Democrats’ fears are based on the fact that none of them are aware of how the Supreme Court works. The side who likes to brag about how educated they are don’t know that the Court isn’t a legislative body. They’re under the impression that SCOTUS can pluck hot-button political issues out of the air, wave a wand, and rule on them.

An unexpected byproduct of all this, as Matt wrote, is that Democrats are once again aware that only women can get pregnant.

Miracles can still be found if you just look for them.

Over at Townhall, Matt Vespa wrote about Bette Midler releasing her last brain cell into the wild, while Julio Rosas has a story about NBC’s perpetually stupid Yamiche Alcindor really stepping in it with this tweet:

Yeah, she actually said that women are feeling “gutted” and “like someone died” at an abortion clinic. These idiot ghouls are devoid of self-awareness. Julio’s post highlights some choice replies to this insanity.


I wrote yesterday that the leak would energize the previously somnambulant Democrats, and that certainly happened. The good news is that the Dems are on brand and overplaying their hand already. Their overreaction to virtually everything hasn’t been working out well at all for them recently but, bless their hearts, they never learn.

Just wind them up and let them go, they’ll find a way to ruin themselves with hysteria.

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