The Morning Briefing: Canada Trucks Along to Freedom

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Happy Monday, dear Kruiser Morning Briefing friends. The person who thought there was enough Tabasco has been asked to leave.

I think it’s best that I keep all my Olympic medals a secret. Bronze is embarrassing anyway.


It’s been different watching the drama going on with our neighbors to the north. Here in the United States, we don’t often look to Canada as a beacon of freedom, but this is where we are in Joe Biden’s commie America.

David Solway has the latest:

Hurricane Canada, a category 5 political storm, has made landfall on the country’s capital city in the form of a massive truckers’ strike protesting illegal COVID mandates and vaccine passports, a phenomenon that has galvanized the attention of the world and inspired similar demonstrations internationally. This has become common knowledge, and commentary pro and con has been proliferating with abandon.

What is most surprising in a tepid and unadventurous country like Canada that habitually votes left is the degree of popular support the truckers’ Freedom Convoy has garnered from ordinary citizens across the land. Convoys have assembled in several Canadian cities, the Alberta-Montana border has been blockaded, and reinforcements continue to arrive—even on horseback, taking a page from the RCMP.

Yes, they’re usually running off the leftist cliff up in Canada. The psychopaths who are using the pandemic to exercise power are making normal folk a bit uneasy, however. We’ve seen signs of it here in the U.S. but the response has been a bit tepid compared to the frozen convoy in Canada.


The acquiescence to tyranny here has been truly terrifying. A once proud and strong nation has been rolling over for petty thugs who would have been shoved aside at a different time. We should take an apologetic cue from the Canadian truckers and steamroll the COVID fascist overlords.

More from David:

Canada is now a divided country, pitting an elite class of political authorities, journalists, and haranguing pundits against a rising tide of blue-collar resentment.

It is a workers’ rebellion. Leftists once pretended to be on the side of blue-collar people. The Wuhan Chinese Bat Flu has exposed their contempt for those who work hard for a living, however.

The mainstream media has largely ignored the news from Canada. Thankfully, the truckers up north aren’t giving up or going away quietly.

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