The Morning Briefing: Glenn Youngkin Wastes No Time Triggering Crybaby Libs Everywhere

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Happy Wednesday, dear Kruiser Morning Briefing friends. A gentleman never wears striped pantaloons to a root beer hootenanny.

Rarely have I enjoyed the politics in another state as much as I have the goings-on in Virginia the last couple of months. The election there in November was one of the few rays of political sunshine in an otherwise bleak year for American conservatives.


There was much weeping and gnashing of teeth by liberals throughout America long before newly-elected Republicans in Virginia were even in office. It appears they had good instincts about how it was going to play out once the new regime took over.

When Glenn Youngkin was sworn in last weekend he hit the ground running, signing an executive order to end mask mandates in the state. Here was my initial reaction:

We’re now a little more than half a week into Youngkin’s tenure and the hits just keep on coming. The state has had some rough weather and the mere fact that the new Republican governor tried to get out ahead of it sent Democrats into a frenzy that didn’t work out well for them.

Youngkin has also drawn the attention of White House Spokesditz Jen Psaki, who was probably thrilled to take a few minutes away from having to explain her train wreck of a boss.

Yesterday, Matt wrote a post about the childish behavior of Democrats in Virginia’s legislature:

Newly sworn-in Virginia Gov. Glenn Youngkin addressed a joint assembly of the state legislature on Monday, and the Democrats in attendance were not happy about it.

In his speech, he pledged to work with both parties to “usher in a sweeping vision of change.” He also promised to protect parental rights, and that’s where the response from Virginia Democrats truly spoke volumes.

“My message to parents is this,” Youngkin said. “You have a fundamental right, enshrined by law by this general assembly, to make decisions with regards to your child’s education, upbringing, and care, and we will protect and reassert that right.”

And the chamber applauded… Well, the Republicans in the chamber did. They rose to applaud while Virginia Democrats, apparently not caring about parental rights, sat quietly in their seats.


If they are this angsty after Youngkin has been on the job only a few days, then the next four years should be better than anything on Netflix.

Youngkin and Co. have a lot of messes to clean up after years of having idiots like Terry McAuliffe and Ralph Northam in charge. There should be triggering aplenty, especially during the first year.

So pop some popcorn or maybe grab the adult beverage of your choice and sit back to enjoy the show.

You might also need some earplugs when the Democrats really start screaming.

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