The Morning Briefing: Democrats Are Clinically Insane. Discuss.

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Happy Friday, dear Kruiser Morning Briefing friends. I’m saving up for a mechanical bull.

There was a time not so long ago when I got along well with the folks on the other side of the American political aisle. I’ve spent most of my adult life in the entertainment industry, so I was fairly well surrounded by liberals and I made it work.


That was before they became bat-you-know-what crazy.

I was never one to dismiss my political adversaries as insane but I was also a Psychology major and I know what I’m seeing now. These kids ain’t right.

Let’s start with the cavalier way they treat the money that Americans work hard to earn.


It isn’t bad enough that Joe Biden opened the U.S. southern border to all manner of criminals, cartels, coyotes, terrorists, and garden variety illegal aliens; now he’s devising an insane plan to pay a small fortune to the would-be border crashers kept out of the country by his predecessor, Donald Trump.

This is no Babylon Bee spoof; this is ripped from the pages of the Wall Street Journal.

Though it’s tempting to shake your head in disbelief, read on. Oh, and make sure you shut your slack jaw because things are about to get worse and we don’t want any dribbling.

The Biden Administration is “in talks” with the lawfare crowd at the ACLU to pay illegal aliens about a half a million dollars apiece — $450,000 or $1 million per family — on “behalf of parents and children who say the [U.S.] government subjected them to lasting psychological trauma” during family separation.

President LOL Eightyonemillion is ever on the move to find new ways to milk the American taxpayer. Like all Dems, he’s convinced that he can pay for his folly by penalizing Elon Musk and Jeff Bezos, who provide a lot of Americans with jobs.

See? Not so bright.

Democrats and economics have a very casual relationship in which the former is quite abusive. Their policies have long-term consequences that punish everyone.



On Thursday, as California’s clogged ports continued to struggle, U.S. Congressman Mike Garcia (R-CA) didn’t pull any punches when discussing exactly who he believes is to blame for the mess at our nation’s busiest ports. “I blame both the federal government and the state governments,” said Garcia in an interview with Fox News’ Stuart Varney. “This is what happens when you have life-long politicians trying to run a country when they’ve had absolutely zero business experience. Between Biden, Pelosi, and Schumer you’ve got three politicians who have earned 141 years of paychecks, all of which were as politicians–none of which were in the business world.”

Add in decades of failed leftist policies and we have a recipe for disaster. “I love my state,” said Garcia. “But from an economic perspective, it’s a wobbly top that is like two revolutions away from falling down.”

And what does the congressman see as the source of the mess at our ports? Two policies championed by Democratic politicians and environmental activists: AB-5 and CARB regulations.

AB-5 prevents California’s truckers from operating as independent contractors. The California Air Resource Board, or CARB, is a leftist government entity that has as its vision unprecedented and aggressive carbon emissions regulations. CARB’s goal is so radical that it plans to eliminate all new vehicle emissions in the state of California within thirty years. To that end, only CARB-compliant vehicles—including trucks—are allowed to be registered in the state.


That’s kinda the thing here — everything the Democrats do has negative consequences. You won’t find that out from the mainstream media because it is polluted with low-functioning intellects who are incapable of drawing logical conclusions.

The clearest sign of the Democrats’ mental instability is that they can’t shake themselves free of Trump Derangement Syndrome, even though they “won” the election last year.

David Harsanyi:

This week, the president took a trip to Virginia to try to help salvage the gubernatorial prospects of fellow Washington lifer Terry McAuliffe. President Joe Biden used the appearance to liken the GOP gubernatorial candidate Glenn Youngkin to Jan. 6 rioters, to lie about Republicans supporting “book bans” and to attempt to goad former President Donald Trump into coming to Virginia. (Mission accomplished? Perhaps not.)

Biden wants to talk about one person these days, and that person isn’t Biden. Then again, what does he possibly have to brag about? Shutting down COVID? More Americans have died from the disease during his presidency than his predecessor’s, even with the emergence of vaccines. “I will not shut down the country,” Biden promised during his campaign. “I will shut down the virus.”

Now, of course coronavirus isn’t really the president’s fault. But since Biden had no compunction blaming Trump personally for the deaths of hundreds of thousands of citizens, no one can fault voters for using the same standard of culpability now.


The Democrats are pathetically unhinged but, sadly, they’re in (kinda/sorta) power at the moment.

It’s up to the American electorate next year to decide if the inmates should continue to be in control of the asylum.

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