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Woke Twix Ad Appears to Promote Violence Against People Who Disagree with Transgenderism

AP Photo/Robin Rayne

A new Halloween ad sponsored by Twix candy bars not only features a boy wearing a dress but also appears to imply that violence against people who disagree with transgenderism is okay.

The ad starts with the boy in his home, wearing a princess dress, as a new nanny arrives who’s dressed in all black and looks like a witch. The boy is then seen being taunted by neighborhood girls who ask him why he’s all dressed up when it isn’t even Halloween yet.

Later, the boy and the nanny are at the park, where the boy is further subjected to mocking by older boys who laugh because he’s dressed “like a girl.”

“Dressing like this makes me feel good,” the cross-dressing boy retorts. The older boy says the dress-wearing boy and his nanny “look weird.”

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“Boys don’t wear dresses,” the bully insists.

At this point, the goth nanny uses her magic powers to blow the older boy away in a windstorm.

Aside from the fact this ad really has nothing to do with selling candy (but it is real and Twix-approved), the apparent condoning of violence against those who disagree with transgender ideology is disturbing.