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Bernie Sanders Is Flying His Soviet Freak Flag Again

Bernie Sanders Is Flying His Soviet Freak Flag Again
AP Photo/Elise Amendola

When a lifelong politician who chairs the U.S. Senate Budget Committee continues to misunderstand basic math, the legislative process, and the Constitution, we should always take note.

Bernie Sanders is at it again. The repugnant socialist is echoing another majoritarian line that’s growing in popularity among crazed progressives.

It is no surprise an ignoramus like Sanders repeated this absurdly elitist notion from a writer at the Marxist Nation magazine on Wednesday night

“The problem is not with the president; the problem is with members here who, although they are very few in number, they are a significant minority, think that they have a right to determine what the rest of the Congress should be doing,” Sanders bemoaned. “This is nonsense. This doesn’t help.”

It’s mendacious to deem the U.S. Senate a national democracy akin to some European parliament. The federal government exists to oversee some important matters, while the remainder of decisions are deliberately left to the states.

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There is nothing preventing a state from passing paid family leave on its own, which proves that Sanders really desires blue states, with their minuscule, ephemeral majority in Congress, to force partisan policies on the others.

The argument is patently ridiculous. And Vermonters keep electing and promoting this moron.

Fifty-one senators —  Sen. Joe Manchin and 50 Republicans — “killed” paid family leave. I’d also wager there were other Democrats, like senators from Arizona, Georgia, Montana, Nevada, New Hampshire, Virginia, and elsewhere, who were too feckless to speak up and instead allowed Manchin to again take the heat.

Sanders is really complaining about a split Senate, and therefore no mandate, which won’t allow him to force 50 other elected politicians to support his radical agenda that was rejected even by Democrat primary voters last year.

The octogenarian wants the Senate to pass bills with just 48 votes out of 100. Sounds like a Soviet politburo. Oh, now I get it.