The Morning Briefing: Will Next Year's Midterms Be 2010 on Steroids for the GOP?

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Happy Thursday, dear Kruiser Morning Briefing friends. I’m never sure what’s going on with ramen.

As we slog through the interminable Biden nightmare, most of us on the right are staring into the distance at November 8, 2022, on the calendar. The midterm elections are supposed to somewhat rescue us from the anti-Constitution wrath of the Democrats.


I’ve been frequently cautioning against getting ahead of ourselves on this — most recently last week — but I also believe it is important to look at the positives in order to avoid being overcome by despair in the current moment.

Many of us still have vivid memories of the joy of 2010. After the election of The Lightbringer in 2008, it felt as if the Republicans might never win again. James Carville infamously said that the GOP would be wandering in the political desert for 40 years.

Two years after that prophecy, an American electorate that was tired of Obama’s overreach helped Republicans steamroll and win the biggest gain in House seats in over 60 years.

Biden is overreaching in ways that are probably making Obama envious, so could Republicans have an even bigger year next year than they did in 2010?

There are some good signs. Yeah, they’re in polls, but we have to take the positive news where we can get it these days.

Rick had some news from Gallup yesterday:

A new Gallup poll shows the effects of recent events at home and abroad as Republicans look to take advantage of the numerous stumbles made by Joe Biden and the Democrats.

The poll, conducted from September 1-17, has the Republicans scoring higher in promoting international security and domestic prosperity compared to the Democrats.

Independent voters are driving the GOP numbers upward–but, surprisingly, Democrats are losing support among their own as well.

I’ve wondered a lot lately about whether the thoroughly out-of-touch D.C. Democrats were driving the more normal members of their party out in the hinterlands. It looks like it only took Joe Biden eight months to do that.


Stacey offered more to cheer about:

The news keeps getting better for Republicans ahead of the 2022 midterms.

RealClearPolitics aggregates polls on the generic congressional ballot. A simple question is posed to potential voters: If the election happened today, which party they would want to control the House of Representatives? In recent months, all but one poll showed Democrats ahead on this measure since April. However, Quinnipiac conducted this type of poll twice in the last three weeks, and the results moved seven points in favor of Republicans over that timeframe.

That’s obviously not an indication of a looming slam dunk for the GOP, but it isn’t likely that the doddering fool in the Oval Office is going to do anything to endear himself to the people driving these numbers away from him. If this is the kind of ill will he’s generated in his first eight months, just think of what he can “accomplish” with more than a year.

Go Joe!

The stars are slowly aligning for a big Republican victory next year. Unfortunately, the country has to endure Joe Biden’s wrecking ball for it to happen.

Move a little faster, calendar.

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