Biden Is Already More Dangerous Than Obama in This One Vital Way

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You’ve probably read a lot of online conjecture — well-founded, if you ask me — that Presidentish Joe Biden’s first term is really Barack Obama’s third term. The main difference is that in one vital way, Biden is actually far more dangerous than his Democrat predecessor.

Recent news items make the contrast stand out in sharp relief.

Just two months ago, we were treated to yet another revelation about Obama’s long-simmering (but never allowed by the mainstream media to boil) IRS scandal.

If you’ll recall, Obama had quietly weaponized the IRS against Tea Party grassroots organizations, denying or delaying granting them the tax-exempt status such groups of any political persuasion almost always receive.

The conservative American Center for Law & Justice (ACLJ) calls it a “an unconstitutional and illegal system of targeting and abuse” dating back to Obama’s first term — and his successful attempt to tilt the 2012 playing field to his own advantage.

And according to the ACLJ, it’s still going on. “After nearly seven years this December,” ACLJ’s Miles Terry wrote, “one of our clients has still not received a determination on their submitted tax-exempt application.”

Memos finally released at that same time in August, revealed that even after Obama had left office, the IRS was still “trying to slow-roll discovery in lawsuits about the way it slow-rolled the applications of conservative nonprofits.”

Donald Trump needed to do a lot more swamp-draining, particularly at the IRS and DOJ.

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But give Obama this much credit: He might have been a snake, but at least he was sneaky about it.

It’s bad enough when the IRS quietly forced politically (and bureaucratically) inexperienced Tea Party activists to jump through paperwork and disclosure hoops that no one else had to.

Obama — again, this is damning with the faintest of praise — understood that you could only push people so far before they would break out in open revolt, or something close to it.

He knew where to draw the line, how to punish his domestic enemies without completely shredding the social fabric.

By now I’m sure you’re all too familiar with Monday’s news that Biden’s attorney general, Merrick Garland, is weaponizing the FBI against parents concerned about their school kids being forced to learn Marxist Critical Race Theory.

Or as Mollie Hemingway not-so-subtly put it on Fox News Tuesday night: “Of course, parents are going to want to weigh in on [CRT]. And to intimidate them and to declare war on American parents, particularly when the FBI and DOJ have been nowhere to be found on issues where they actually were needed is just unconscionable.”


It’s also totally public, unlike the IRS’s backroom dealings, with a virtual declaration of war bearing Garland’s signature released on Monday. Citing exactly zero examples of “harassment, intimidation, and threats of violence against school administrators, board members, teachers, and staff,” Garland instructed his FBI to go after parents who are actually just speaking out against CRT at school board meetings.

Dissent is being criminalized right out in the open, right before your very eyes.

It’s also corrupt as hell.

Becker News reported Wednesday that Garland “has a Critical Race Theory (CRT) publisher in the family.”

In 2018, Attorney General Merrick Garland’s daughter Rebecca Garland married Xan Tanner, as the New York Times reported. Xan Tanner is the current co-founder of an education service company called Panorama Education.

Panorama Education provides “social emotional learning” resource materials to school districts and teachers, including those that teach Common Core and Critical Race Theory.

Let me sum this up in the frankest, most damning, and most frightening way possible: The most powerful law enforcement officer in the United States federal government has a financial interest in using the FBI to punish you for enjoying your First Amendment rights.

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The open aggression of the Biden Administration invites the kind of backlash that tears a nation’s social fabric completely apart.

As one Longtime Sharp VodkaPundit Reader™ put it to me this week over at, “Eventually people are gonna say, ‘I’m a terrorist? OK. I’ll be a terrorist.'”

To be clear: This is not an endorsement of political violence. But if Biden won’t back down, you may consider this a prediction of political violence.

If the worst does come to worst, it will have been brought on by Biden himself. Because, unlike Obama, neither Biden’s clueless self nor his coterie of Marxian radicals has any clue where to draw a line.

Nor do they care to learn.

Then again, it was Obama himself who warned not to “underestimate Joe’s ability to f*** things up.”

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