The Morning Briefing: Cubans' Desire for Freedom Confuses American Commies

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Commies, Commies Everywhere, Not a Thought to Think

Happy Monday, dear Kruiser Morning Briefing friends. I’m getting closer to achieving my lifelong dream of being the head of a pierogi conglomerate.


Hope you all had a wonderful weekend or whatever kind of weekend you were trying to have. Some people have weird goals. My weekend, for example, was filled with a lot of garlic and melted cheese, and that was all I’d really planned on. I did get a lot of reading and writing done too. I don’t think there were any people involved.

So it was perfect.

While growing up during the Cold War I was always mystified by the fact that American leftists were so quick to sympathize with the Soviet system. Not the Soviet people, the Soviet system. It was odd to me even when I was a kid. My dad’s side of the family has a lot of relatives in Poland and my grandparents kept in touch with most of them. They’d also visit Poland once in a while. I heard stories about what was really going on behind the Iron Curtain, and I didn’t get why American Democrats were so clueless about what was happening.

It would appear that little has changed since then.

In case you missed it, there was a little unrest down in the commie hellhole Cuba over the weekend. Some of the good citizens seem to have grown weary of all that communism supposedly does for the people living under it:


There’s something to celebrate, right?

Bryan wrote a post about a horrible hot-take that the Castro-loving kids over at The New York Times had:

The New York Times’ social media clearly did not enjoy the sight of Cubans demanding their freedom. It framed a protest for freedom as “anti-government.”

Bless their hearts. They’re not really wrong, you know. A lot of us freedom lovers aren’t big fans of the government, but we know that isn’t how the Times intended it. How dare the peasantry question their overlords and demand freedom?!?!?

Our sister site Twitchy had a post that said the Times and Twitter were battling it out for the worst take on the protests. Twitter may have “won” that battle:

Two major players in American media are befuddled by people demanding freedom from tyranny. These are the same people who believe that they should be the arbiters of what is and is not real news—just in case you were still wondering why things are so screwed up in this country right now.

Twitter may be new to the game but the Times is loaded with veteran commie apologists. This is the headline that the paper ran for murderous dictator Fidel Castro’s obituary:

Fidel Castro, Cuban Revolutionary Who Defied U.S., Dies at 90


They seemed rather proud of him defying the United States, You can see why demands for freedom might rub them the wrong way.

Commies are bad and anyone who finds it difficult to say so has problems, is un-American, and has probably read too much Howard Zinn. They also can’t be trusted as sources for anything.

Like information leading up to an election.

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