Desperate Joy Reid Shows the Tide Turning Against CRT

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Welcome to Insanity Wrap, your daily dose of the best of the worst. The tide turning against CRT is today’s big crazy… or is it?


  • How many more ways can we say “crazy and bored?”
  • Not even friendly prosecutors can hide the ravages of being a leftist
  • Name that party? Name that politician!

Before we get to today’s big story, here’s a short video to make you lose whatever little faith you might still have in humanity.

This Is Not a Sane World, Exhibit #1,000,006

Tide Turning Against CRT: How About Some Sanity for a Change?

Parents concerned about critical race theory indoctrination are now ‘QAnon’ according to NBC

This is actually good news, and Insanity Wrap will explain why momentarily:

First she told viewers that it wasn’t being taught in schools, because it was simply a concept for law school discourse. Then she said that parents who objected to it being taught in schools were merely the pawns of right-wing think tanks and funding groups, but her latest attack on those who oppose the pedagogy is that they are QAnon, Trump-supporting, white nationalist, evangelical Christians.

She told viewers on Wednesday’s The Reid Out, “that Republicans aren’t running an election, they are waging an all-out war for power that increasingly is based on and steeped in the Trump cult and even white nationalism.”

This is ugly stuff, equating criticism of CRT with paranoid conspiracy outfits or fringe racist groups.

But it is predictable because the Progressive Left’s case is so weak.

Propaganda in the USSR was similarly predictable.

Each year’s harvest was a record-breaking bounty over the previous year’s record-breaking bounty, even though food never got any easier to obtain.


Any dissenter was treasonous, an enemy of the state, or even institutionalized as crazy.

Every speech by the General Secretary of the Communist Party (aka, the Soviet strongman dictator) was worthy of Cicero. His every scribble put Virgil to shame. His every decision would have awed Justinian.

(Sorry for all the references to ancient Rome, but Insanity Wrap has been on a Roman history kick lately.)

Governments and leaders confident in their systems don’t make such bold and easily refuted claims.

But the purpose of propaganda in an authoritarian state isn’t actually to propagandize the population: It’s to demoralize them.

Everybody reads and hears the same fake news. Everyone knows that it’s fake. But no one can speak up for fear that it is they alone who knows that all the news is fake.

If CRT is really so benign — if you can even get a Progressive to admit that it exists at all — then why do Party line “news” outlets like NBC resort to such Sovietesque attempts to discredit anyone speaking out against it?

You know the reason, gentle reader: Propaganda in the USSA is meant to demoralize would-be dissenters.

But it isn’t working.

From local school boards to state government across the country, parents and liberty-loving leaders are fighting back.

And they’re fighting effectively, too, judging by the over-the-top, Soviet-like response from the Democrat-Media Complex.

Keep it up.


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Your Daily Dose of Mostly Peaceful Protest

Three words: Soros-sponsored prosecutor.

But you knew that already, didn’t you?

Exit Question: Isn’t it ugly what leftism can do to a pretty girl?

The Craziest Person in the World (Today)

Even Charlie Crist knows the tide turning against CRT
Governor oddly not named in story of repealed law that could have more quickly repaired Surfside condo

Get ready for another exciting game of Name That Party!

Today’s edition doubly challenging because we won’t even be told the name of the politician at the center of a deadly decision.

NBC 6 in South Florida has a story out Thursday about a Florida law that could have more quickly repaired the collapsed Surfside condo had it not been repealed. We saw a lot of people tweeting that the story completely left out the name of the governor who repealed that law, and sure enough, when we read it, we couldn’t find the name either. The only clue is that it was repealed in 2010.

Charlie Crist is the governor who signed that repeal.

He’s a Democrat.

Ron DeSantis is not the governor who signed that repeal.


He’s a Republican.

Nevertheless: Intercept reporter suggests DeSantis is to blame for Surfside building collapse.

You’d have to be the craziest person in the world to believe that the Party Line Press wouldn’t try to blame DeSantis while letting Crist skate.

Your Daily Dose of Mandated Unity

Let all the good people leave, or even be driven from California.

Gavin Newsom can continue to rule over the ruins as a warning to the others.

Biden’s ’70s Show

Zimbabwe Trillion

With Inflation Rising, Consider the Humdrum U.S. Savings Bond

Oh-uh: “The annualized rate on Series I (for inflation) bonds is now 3.54 percent. That’s a lot more than savings accounts are paying.”

That advice, by the way, is courtesy of the New York Times, and not one of those questionable gold bug sites.

Postmodern Office Problems

Where’s the lanyard for “Wouldn’t pass up a little makeout session in the broom closet?”


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One More Thing…

Have You Been Vaccinated
(Seen on MeWe)

Yes, Insanity Wrap & Family have all had our shots.

But we’re still laughing at Presidentish Biden’s cringeworthy attempts at nannystatism.

That’s a Wrap for today.

Come back tomorrow for another Insanity Wrap…

…assuming we make it that long.

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