The Kruiser Kabana Episode 136: The Democrats' Biggest Lie

And the Winner Is…

There are few things in this age we live in that are more emotionally healthy than skepticism. I often wish that I had the kind of eyebrows that really arched so I could get a picture of my super-skeptical face and just use that to respond to much of what I see on social media in a given day.

The Democrats have been lying so hard for the last five years that I now find it impossible to buy anything they’re selling.


There are a few lies that the Left keeps in heavy rotation, but one in particular really annoys me.

Welcome to today’s topic.

Thank you VIPs, as always. You keep things going here and you make it fun. My gratitude cannot be adequately expressed.

We’ll get back to something more lighthearted next week. It’s a lovely Saturday afternoon as I’m posting this so maybe I’ll go day drink and think about the next episode. (Did anyone buy that “maybe” that I threw in there just for fun?)