Election 2020

Here's Where We Stand in the Ongoing State Election Audits

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Debunking Their Debunking

You crazy white supremacist conspiracy wackadoo! How dare you suggest President Pee-pants and the Democrats cheated in the 2020 election? Democracy ruled the day and the people have spoken. #TinFoilHat

We’ve heard it all, again and again. “There is no evidence of election fraud.” Actually there is evidence. Enough evidence to spark audits across the country. Just because Rachel Maddow won’t talk about the evidence doesn’t mean it isn’t real.


Optics are not evidence but it can help us sniff, sniff, sniff in the right direction. Where there is smoke, there is usually fire. Let’s look at some of the peculiar things we saw in the 2020 election.


Joe Biden couldn’t draw flies to an outhouse while wearing a poop suit, but that doesn’t mean he can’t whip 81 million voters into a frenzy, right? Unlikely.

Election Night

Trump was clobbering Biden on Election night when suddenly, magically, for the first time in my life, a bunch of swing states stopped counting votes. States Trump was winning handily. Then, SHAZAM! Votes for Biden poured in over the next several days. And though Biden won the fewest number of counties of any other president , he somehow managed to get 81 million votes, more than any other candidate in history.

Record Votes

Come on, man! Everyone believes Gropey Joe Biden got roughly 12 million more votes than Obama got in this first presidential election. Nothing to see here.

Patriots Won’t Be Discouraged

Election investigations and audits are happening across the United States and Democrats are doing everything they can to prevent them. If the Dems are so sure there was no dirty pool, then why not let the Republicans chase their tails and whiff every ballot? Why did lefty lap dog Chris Cuomo get into it with American Conservative Union (ACU) Chairman Matt Schlapp? The election can’t be overturned. Why stand in the way? Because they are afraid. Imagine getting caught gutting the Constitution and depriving the country of the very institution that makes it great.

Here is a state-by-state look at some of the audits taking place, and what the Snidley Whiplash Democrats are doing to stop them.


Good Guys

Republican state Sen. Doug Mastriano announced on July 7 that he has triggered a forensic audit of the state’s 2020 and 2021 elections. He issued letters to several counties, Philadelphia, York, and Tioga, requesting information and materials that he said would enable an investigation.

“It’s distinct from an audit or forensic audit. It’s a big deep dive, like we saw in Arizona, but even deeper,” Mastriano told The Epoch Times. “It takes a hard look at software, machines, scanners, in addition to looking at all the ballots themselves to see if they were hand-filled-in or copied by a machine. So a scientific approach to get to the bottom of what happened, what went right, what went wrong in an election. It takes out all bias.”

Bad Guys

A deputy spokesman for Philadelphia Commissioner Omar Sabir, a Democrat, told The Epoch Times that Sabir believes the elections were run freely and secure. He said that the commissioners are consulting with the city’s law department on the request from the state Senate. Nick Custodio, a deputy for Philadelphia Commissioner Lisa Deeley, a Democrat, said that her office is reviewing the requests. Why not he just send the evidence?

Pennsylvania Attorney General Josh Shapiro’s goal is to outright prevent the audit. Pssst, look at the news site he spoke with.


Good Guys

Lawyer Matthew DePerno and former state Sen. Patrick Colbeck are a one-two Great Lakes punch. They are hitting so hard that they are being “probed” by the Moscovites who currently run the state. You can read DePerno’s daily election fraud updates on Twitter and Colbeck’s at Let’s Fix Stuff.

Bad Girls

Gov. Whitmer and her two other Hydra heads, Secretary of State Jocelyn Benson and Attorney General Dana Nessel, are all working together, and utilizing the Michigan State Police, to “probe” people propagating the “myth” of election fraud. That means Whitmer has turned the state police into her own personal Gestapo, which is nothing new for her. They’re gunning for DePerno and Colbeck. Why? If Democrats have nothing to hide they have nothing to fear.

Arizona: The Mother of All Audits

Good Guys

Ken Bennett is so dedicated to election integrity that he is willing to allow us to watch the audit. He won’t say much about what is being found. The auditors are fairly tight-lipped. One thing that is certain, the audit is being impeccably run, as stated by Bernard Kerik.

Kelli Ward from the Arizona Republican Party stated that the audit is being “undermined through the distorted lens of the democrats and their partners on the far left, and in the mainstream media. She continued, listing out several nicknames, including “the bogus audit, the Republican audit, the fake audit, the fraudit, the right-wing inquisition.”

Bad Guys

There are tons of bad guys here, including “president” Joe Biden, who sent Attorney General Merrick Garland out to poo-poo the audit. As mentioned, Pravda-like news outlets have referred to the audit as “partisan” and some even question the way the audit is being run. RINOs, of course, have jumped on the bandwagon as well. The left-leaning group American Oversight wants to know who the donors are who have helped fund the audit. Is that any of their business?

Arizona is ground zero for election integrity. The Democrats know that if they are caught red-handed in Arizona there will be a backlash the party may not survive, not to mention possible prison terms. Other states will hold audits (ahem, looking at you, New York). Seventy-five million Trump fans are going to be very cranky if the audits prove they were robbed.