The Morning Briefing: I Keep Missing the Part Where Biden Brings Back Dignity

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This Biden Guy Doesn’t Seem Very Presidential 

Happy Thursday, dear Kruiser Morning Briefing friends. The judge never takes you seriously if you show up wearing just chaps. Trust me.


We heard the word “presidential” thrown around a lot after Donald Trump took office in 2017. His detractors felt that he wasn’t embodying the presidential vibe, whatever that means. After eight years of Barack Obama’s mom jeans-clad malignant narcissism, the concept had gotten a little muddled. Perhaps Trump needed to spend more time in the Oval Office with a selfie stick.

Whatever “presidential” is supposed to be, the Democrats and their flying monkeys in the mainstream media repeatedly assured us that Trump wasn’t it.

Agree to disagree.

When the Joseph R. Biden Traveling Snake Oil Show got rolling for the 2020 race, we were fed a few key points that were supposed to set him apart from President Trump. Perhaps the most reiterated of the Biden campaign selling points was that he was going to bring dignity back to the office of president. Make things more, you know, presidential.

I don’t know if the rest of you have televisions or computers and the internet, but I’ve kind of been missing the dignified parts from what I’ve seen so far. Heck, I haven’t seen anything terribly functional from Joey Gropes yet.

Since I’m not on the side that has to pretend Biden’s behavior is normal, I don’t think it’s dignified or presidential when he responds to a serious question from the press by laughing like village idiot:


As far as answers to questions about Vladimir Putin go, that was one of Biden’s better performances this week. Yesterday, Biden seemed to have left all of that promised presidential dignity on Air Force One when he was asked a question by CNN’s Kaitlan Collins. Here is Matt’s synopsis:

Joe Biden’s performance at the G7 Summit was nothing to be proud of, and his little one-on-one summit with Putin hasn’t exactly been any better.

Perhaps Biden knows things haven’t gone well in his first real test of leadership overseas, because when he was asked by CNN’s Kaitlin Collins why he has any confidence in Putin, Biden went ballistic.

“Why are you so confident [Putin] will change his behavior, Mr. President?” Collins asked.

“When did I say I was confident? What I said was, let’s get it straight: I said what will change [Kremlin] behavior is if the rest of the world reacts to them and it diminishes their standing in the world. I’m not confident of anything, I’m just stating a fact,” Biden responded.

“But given his past behavior has not changed, and in that press conference after sitting down with you for several hours, he denied any involvement in cyberattacks, he downplayed human rights abuses, he even refused to say Alexei Navalny’s name. So how does that amount to a constructive meeting, as President Putin framed it?” Collins pressed.

“If you don’t understand that, you’re in the wrong business,” Biden huffed, then walked away.


It’s bad enough when you read it. It’s worse when you see it:

That aggression he shows when he goes after Collins could be attributable to his present diminished mental state, but Biden has always been a hothead with the press. He’s not a bright man, and he struggles while thinking on his feet after being asked a question, whether it’s tough or not. He gets frustrated and lashes out. It’s a decades-long pattern.

It’s also not dignified by anyone’s definition of the word.

Had it been Trump raving like that, we would be buried under “THREAT TO THE FREE PRESS!” stories from the brave souls in the media. They’d all be acting as if a mob boss put out a hit on each of them. It’s a new day for the MSM now, though. Instead of weeping and gnashing of teeth over Biden’s behavior, we got The New York Times rushing in to throw everything into the spin cycle:

It was a harsh response intended to push back against the cynicism that the president dislikes. But it was also a recognition of sorts by Mr. Biden that his optimistic approach is sometimes the target of criticism.

You didn’t really see an angry old man lashing out, it was just an optimistic guy taking umbrage with the world’s cynical take on his rose-colored glasses approach.


Behavior that was a threat to the First Amendment last year at this time is now a ray of sunshine in a dark world. And presumably dignified and presidential.

These people are all clinically insane.

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