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LOSING IT: Read Lori Lightfoot’s DERANGED Emails to Staff

LOSING IT: Read Lori Lightfoot’s DERANGED Emails to Staff
(Santiago Covarrubias/Sun Times via AP)

On Wednesday night, Fox News host Tucker Carlson roasted Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot (D-No Whites Need Apply) after The Chicago Tribune revealed the mayor’s abusive behavior in emails to her staff.

“She needs help,” Carlson said of the mayor. “But not as much help as her staff needs. Someone ought to stage a hostage extraction, for their sake.”

“In January, for example, Lori Lightfoot told her staff, ‘I need office time every day!’ She wrote that very same line 16 times in a row. ‘I need office time every day! I need office time every day! I need office time every day! And so on, thirteen more times. Demented,” Carlson explained.

“And then, for clarity, ‘Not just once a week or some days, every day!’ And then Lightfoot wrote that exact same line ten more times, in a row,”

Lightfoot ended her email with this: ‘If this doesn’t change immediately, I will just start unilaterally canceling things every day. Have I made myself clear, finally?!”

Carlson did not say that Lightfoot wrote “Have I made myself clear, finally?!” no fewer than thirteen times. He was too busy laughing.

The Fox News host then compared Lightfoot to Jack Torrance (Jack Nicholson) in The Shining (1980). “Heeeeere’s Lori!”

“It’s terrifying. But apparently, it didn’t work,” Carlson noted. “In May of last year, Lightfoot announced a new policy for memos that arrive late. Late memos won’t just be rejected. They will be torn by rage-filled fingers into millions of tiny little pieces and cast into the wind like chaff.”

Lightfoot indeed sent a photo of torn-up memo fragments to staff via her email. “Lori Lightfoot, human shredding machine.”

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“And yet, somehow, this person remains the mayor of America’s third-largest city,” Carlson noted. “How long can that continue?”

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