The Morning Briefing: The Chrissy Teigen Cancel Choir Is Singing a Beautiful Tune

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Chrissy Teigen Is Awash In Cancel Culture Karma

Happy Wednesday, dear Kruiser Morning Briefing friends. Never trust a mime with your traveler’s checks.


We’re going to continue with yesterday’s theme about the cancel creeps getting a little resistance and/or comeuppance. Why? Because it’s fun to watch.

And fun is good.

One of the things we’ve learned during the social media era is that a lot of celebrities are both bat-you-know-what crazy and, very often, awful people. Back in olden times, celebs had publicists who were tasked with keeping their clients’ worst traits hidden from the public eye. We’d usually have to wait until a disgruntled family member wrote a scathing tell-all to find out about all of the ugly.

Now, some of the rich and famous just can’t wait to hit Twitter to reveal the roiling dreck they’ve got where the rest of us have souls.

One of the worst of the bunch has been alleged former model Chrissy Teigen. Teigen is married to singer John Legend, who is almost as loathsome as she is.

Full disclosure: I’ve never liked John Legend or understood his success. I got into my first serious post-divorce relationship right about the time Legend was getting famous and she loved him. Every time I was at her house I would have to hear him. But she was hot, so I listened. And watched Grey’s Anatomy.

The things we do for almost love.

Also, I haven’t listened to John Legend or watched Grey’s Anatomy since the end of that relationship.

I don’t know why I felt like sharing that. I guess Teigen and Legend are like Siamese twins of awful and I sometimes see them as a single entity. Back to Teigen’s horrid personality.


Megan’s got the story:

Chrissy Teigen, the Cancel Culture Queen—who reveled in or led more than one Twitter mob to chase down targets and hang their heads on spikes for the world to watch in horror —is having another #MeToo moment as another victim has come forward. #SurvivingChrissy is trending on Twitter. One particularly disturbing allegation is by fashion designer Michael Costello, who brought receipts in the form of private messages Teigen sent him telling him to commit suicide and promising he’ll never work again. Costello released screenshots of a private message as evidence that Teigen threatened him. One message read: “Racist people like you deserve to suffer and die. You may as well be dead. Your career is over, just watch!”

Told you she was a piece of work.

Megan goes on to talk about the efforts to cancel Teigen, which are delicious given how many people she’s tried to ruin. However, Megan thinks that a lot of people should get together and sue Teigen instead, which is an interesting idea. After all, what exactly are we to cancel her from?

Teigen is one of those people who is famous for being famous more than anything else. She married a famous guy, but there’s not much on the résumé beyond that.

Still, it’s difficult to look away from how nasty Teigen has been to people for years. She’s such a bottom-feeder that she’s got me sympathizing with Piers Morgan’s point of view. Morgan wrote a lengthy, scathing response to Teigen’s apology for The Daily Mail. Here’s a snippet:


How hollow this sanctimonious tirade looks now as the nasty, vile truth about Chrissy Teigen has finally emerged to paint a very different picture from the self-righteous, virtuous plinth of moral perfection she wrapped herself around for years as America’s celebrity Canceller-in-Chief.

Morgan provides quite the laundry list of Teigen’s transgressions, and it’s worse than I’d remembered. It’s like she was being paid to be the worst person on Earth. And enjoying it.

Can we cancel her and sue her?

Maybe, just maybe, if enough of the most rabid cancel cretins get a taste of their own medicine the cancel culture energy will dissipate.

It’s a thought.

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