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Facebook Is Satan

Happy Friday, dear Kruiser Morning Briefing friends. I spend most of my time each day researching soup.

The 21st century has seen an avalanche of changes in the way we produce and consume media. We’re going to be focusing on the social variety of media today, so please excuse me for not going into the whole “Netflix killed Blockbuster” rant that’s always lurking in the back of my mind. And yes, I watched the documentary, so I know that Netflix didn’t really kill Blockbuster. I reserve my right to believe otherwise.


Social media has become a fact of our lives in ways that even the most prescient among us couldn’t have imagined a mere 15 years ago. MySpace was making a name for itself in the early aughts but it was still a niche thing with limited appeal. It was popular but it wasn’t a platform that businesses were flocking to.

At the time that MySpace was amassing its biggest audience, Facebook was just getting its feet wet on college campuses.

Now it’s perverting the American electoral process.

The role that Facebook played in gaming the 2020 presidential election for the idiot Democrat is becoming clearer — and scarier — every day. It’s not a pretty picture.

In a relatively short time, Facebook has become the heavyweight champion of propaganda. Zuck & Co. decide what is and isn’t news. Spoiler alert: the truth is often a casualty.

Kevin wrote a post yesterday that details the latest instance of Facebook leaning to the wrong side of things:

On May 13, 2021, as rockets were flying into Israel, hate speech was reigning supreme on Facebook. The Jerusalem Prayer Team page was bombarded with 800,000 nasty, anti-Semitic remarks. Facebook was cool with that.

“On that single day, we received over 800,000 comments, the overwhelming majority of which were very negative, often crude, and anti-Semitic.” JPT spokesman Michael Vaughn told The Epoch Times. “Clearly, this was not random. Someone somewhere was orchestrating this barrage.”

Facebook gave me a 30-day stint in its hoosegow for calling myself “white trash” but allowed the barrage of hate to continue for 2 days, despite pleas for help from JPT.

“We were amazed and disappointed that Facebook allowed such comments to be made. We had understood they had a corporate commitment to prevent offensive or false information from being displayed, but in our case, there was no apparent intervention by Facebook,” Vaughn said.

Instead, Facebook pulled the plug on the the Pro-Israel page with no warning to the JPT page administrators.

“On Saturday, May 15, with no notice, no attempt to reach us, Facebook told us they had unpublished our JPT Facebook, citing this was due to the page being spam and violating their policies.” Vaughn said.


That’s how the FB brown shirts operate. They kill any information that is counter to the prevailing liberal narrative. This week it’s about Israel, last year it was about the Wuhan Chinese bat flu.

Those of us who were called right-wing nutjob conspiracy freaks for the last year have been gleefully swimming in a big pool of “I told you so!” for the last few days. We were right all along about the possibility of a lab leak, and those who believed everything Anthony Fauci said have been proven to be paste-eating idiots.

Facebook was a primary driver of the nonsense that Fauci was spouting. Maybe the primary driver. The platform has almost three billion users and wields a kind of power we’ve not witnessed in media before.

It was obvious early in 2020 that the only hope the Democrats had for getting to the White House again was tied to the bat flu. The Democrats needed to use the bat flu to make Trump look bad and they knew that they were going to have to lie to do it. Facebook immediately stepped up to aid and abet the lying Dems by suppressing any truthful reporting by non-mainstream media outlets.

Like us.

Our fearless leader Paula recently wrote a post condemning Facebook’s dishonesty regarding the lab-leak theory. PJ Media’s sister sites Townhall and RedState were (cue laugh track) “fact-checked” by Facebook and sent into traffic exile for reporting what is now being acknowledged as a viable option related to the origins of the virus.

The current version of the narrative is that the lab-leak theory is only now becoming clear.



Conservative media wasn’t reporting on it last year because we needed a nice story to tell ourselves. We were reporting on it because there was enough information available to make the theory plausible, if not completely undeniable.

Facebook knew this but chose to shut down or throttle any account that dared speak the truth on its site.

There is an excellent post on UnHerd about what Facebook did and how it determined what news its users received:

In other words, Facebook now believes that its censorship of millions of posts in the preceding months had been in error. There was, of course, no hint of apology in its most recent statment; though its tone proved quite the contrast to Facebook’s boast last year that, in April alone, it displayed “warnings” on 50 million “pieces of content related to Covid-19”. That was just the start; in February this year, Facebook even placed a warning on a piece for UnHerd by Ian Birrell, an award-winning investigative reporter who has been writing about the origins of Covid-19 since the start of the pandemic.

“When people saw those warning labels, 95% of the time they did not go on to view the original content,” the company says. Moreover, if an article is rated “false” by their “fact checkers”, the network will “reduce its distribution”. This means that, while an author or poster is not aware that censorship is taking place, the network could be hiding their content so it is not widely disseminated.

It’s de rigueur these days for people to whine about how awful Twitter is. For reasons I can’t determine, most of the people carping about Twitter are still avid Facebook users. Of all the social media poisons out there, Facebook is far and away the worst. Mark Zuckerberg flexed more muscle (in a variety of ways) in the 2020 United States presidential election than Big Labor could ever dream of.


Something has to change. If nothing does, look forward to an idiot savant billionaire picking your presidents for you.

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