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BREAKING: Steve Scalise Is Gunning for Dr. Fauci

(AP Photo/Molly Riley)

Dr. Tony Fauci isn’t having a good week. The exposure of thousands of his emails has the nation talking about — but doesn’t yet have many mainstream media reporters asking about — just what he was up to over the past year.

Now Rep. Steve Scalise (R-La.) is demanding the Democrats haul Fauci over to Capitol Hill to testify under oath.

Scalise’s call for Fauci to speak under oath before the nation is more than warranted. #FauciLiedPeopleDied has managed to trend on Twitter despite that site’s very obvious and heavy-handed bias in his favor. Well, it trended briefly. Then some generic hashtag took over, as if that was organic. No one’s buying it anymore, Twitter.

The old cliche “where there’s smoke, there’s fire” comes to mind when sifting through the doctor’s emails. Given his flip-flopping on several issues, from masks to lockdowns to the origins of the virus itself, it would benefit the nation and the world to get straight answers from him. He’s the expert, right?

The Democrats aren’t likely to heed Rep. Scalise unless public pressure forces them to. The media are already in the spin cycle on Fauci’s behalf. Leftist Twitter is out there calling Scalise a terrorist despite the fact that a Bernie bro tried to shoot and kill him at a bipartisan softball game. Socialism inspires violence, always has and always will. Look at Nazism (which was short for National Socialism), Stalin, Mao, Pol Pot, Chavez, and so forth in the past — and look at antifa now. Socialism is an inherently violent ideology. Change my mind, as the meme goes.

That brazen attack on the republic has already been filed away deep down in the memory hole. Which is why I mentioned it here.

Americans deserve answers from the doctor whose every utterance was treated as that of an Olympian deity by the left and much of the media, and who benefited from social media censorship against anyone questioning him. The lockdowns destroyed businesses and lives and disrupted the 2020 elections. The lockdowns were obviously a terrible idea from the get-go, an unprecedented punch in the gut to the modern economy. They made the rich richer and the poor poorer, which Democrats used to claim to oppose. We’ve had riots for a year, which were surely partially driven by people’s frustrations with life in the Fauci Dictatorship (national flag: a white cloth mask rampant on a field of blue with little silver viruses twinkling in the corners). The recovery is still ongoing and some businesses, such as live music venues, are still crushed under the weight of the lockdowns themselves and the government’s snail-paced handling of relief. It’s odd when you consider the unthinkable sums of money the government wants to spend versus its incompetence in actually spending it. It spends trillions the way you and I would buy a pack of gum. You’d think the government would’ve gotten the hang of it by now.

The virus continues to warp history and the present into the future. What did Fauci really know and when is surely the first of many questions he could answer as we weigh his public pronouncements against his emailed comments. Why did he say and do the things he said and did? At the end of it all, he could be vindicated. That’s not the way I’d bet. Perhaps after this week, he’ll see testifying as an opportunity to set the record straight and salvage his reputation.

Dr. Fauci has never been shy. Let’s hear from him. Under oath.