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Facebook Allows Anti-Semitic Comments, Cancels Pro-Israel Page

AP Photo/Kathy Willens

Juden Verboten

On May 13, 2021, as rockets were flying into Israel, hate speech was reigning supreme on Facebook. The Jerusalem Prayer Team page was bombarded with 800,000 nasty, anti-Semitic remarks. Facebook was cool with that.

“On that single day, we received over 800,000 comments, the overwhelming majority of which were very negative, often crude, and anti-Semitic.” JPT spokesman Michael Vaughn told The Epoch Times. “Clearly, this was not random. Someone somewhere was orchestrating this barrage.”

Facebook gave me a 30-day stint in its hoosegow for calling myself “white trash” but allowed the barrage of hate to continue for 2 days, despite pleas for help from JPT.

“We were amazed and disappointed that Facebook allowed such comments to be made. We had understood they had a corporate commitment to prevent offensive or false information from being displayed, but in our case, there was no apparent intervention by Facebook,” Vaughn said.

Instead, Facebook pulled the plug on the the Pro-Israel page with no warning to the JPT page administrators.

“On Saturday, May 15, with no notice, no attempt to reach us, Facebook told us they had unpublished our JPT Facebook, citing this was due to the page being spam and violating their policies.” Vaughn said.

JPT appealed to Facebook’s Uber-Fuhrer of general counsel, Jennifer Newstead, but the page remains down. “We are continuing to communicate with Facebook but have not yet resolved the matter. We are considering several options at this time,” Vaughn said.

When asked who might be behind the plan to assail the page with 800,000 insults, Vaughn pointed to a story from Al Jazeera that credited a Jordanian hacker with getting JPT taken down.

“It was reported in several news that the well-known hacker, Ahmed Saleh, nicknamed ‘The Saqr Bani Hashem Electronic,’ managed to close a Facebook page with 76 million likes to support the Zionist entity, called the ‘Jerusalem Prayer Team’ page,” Al Jazeera reported.

The Epoch Times reported that a search of the websites of The Washington Post, USA Today, and The New York Times produced no stories on the issue.

Sean Hannity shared the story on Twitter and Ted Cruz retweeted it, adding “This….is….nuts.”