The Kruiser Kabana Episode 127: My Tea Party Perspective on the Future of Conservative Activism

Keep It Close to Home

We’re all used to me just meandering about with lighthearted fare when I don’t have a guest on the podcast, but I decided to get a bit more serious for this one. I lay out my conservative activist bona fides here and, not gonna lie, they’re pretty impressive.

I was a co-founder of the Los Angeles Tea Party in 2009 and spent the next few years going all over the country as a speaker in the movement. I told a few jokes along the way too. We were a fun bunch. We also accomplished a lot more than we’re given credit for.

My experience from those days has shaped my views about our present situation. There are some similarities to the mood back then, but we are really facing a more dire situation now that the commies have taken complete control of the Democratic party.

I have some thoughts about what we’ve done and where we need to go. I’m the elder of the village here, enjoy my wisdom.

Love you VIPs — never doubt that!