The Morning Briefing: Post-Apocalypse GOP 2021—Graham's In, McConnell's Out

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The GOP In Bidenland

Happy Monday, dear Kruiser Morning Briefing friends. Going forward, the dress code will be strictly enforced.

I hope everyone had a romantic impeachment weekend.

What a fun one that was, huh? Perhaps the most bizarre aspect of the end of Impeachment 2, TDS Boogaloo is that there are so many Democrats in the country who actually thought it was going to work. I wasn’t much of a participant on social media over the weekend but I did keep an eye on it all once the impeachment trial wrapped up. The nonstop meltdowns from Dems who really believed that they were going to get all of the Senate Republicans to join in their mass delusion and convict Trump were positively Schadenfreudilicious to watch.

American leftists are so insulated in their ideological bubbles that they believe the fantastical false narratives that are constantly being belched forth from the likes of CNN and the editorial board of The Washington Post. That’s why they thought they had a real shot at permanently barring ORANGE MAN BAD from joining in any future reindeer games.

Here’s a tissue, emo little Dems, now run along and wipe your noses while the adults are speaking.

An unintended consequence of this latest impeachment charade was to make it very clear which Republicans can’t be trusted. Sure, we knew about Romney and Murkowski, but the trial flushed a couple more out of the squish bushes. So, thank you, Democrats, for being unable to control your toddler urges. You’ve done your opponents a great service.

Two of the GOP stalwarts of the Trump era — Mitch McConnell and Lindsey Graham — took divergent paths after the Senate trial wrapped. Both were completely transformed during Trump’s time in office, continually surprising conservatives who previously hadn’t been fans of either.

There had been rumors for a couple of weeks that we’d lost McConnell but they were just that. He made it official with his remarks after the trial, which I wrote about on Sunday:

Let me begin with the second thing first: “They did this because they had been fed wild falsehoods by the most powerful man on Earth — because he was angry he’d lost an election.” With one sentence, the man formerly known as “Cocaine Mitch” has signaled that he’s decided to throw every devoted Trump supporter who still has questions about the myriad irregularities in last year’s election under the bus.

It’s perfectly acceptable to question some of Trump’s post-election rhetoric but the broad brush stroke McConnell uses here paints every one of us who is legitimately concerned about our election processes going forward as a kook. Worse yet, it’s rhetoric that is straight out of the Democratic National Committee’s Sacred Book of Talking Points. Just like that, the highest-ranking Republican in the United States Senate told almost 75 million members of his own party to go straight to hell.

While McConnell’s work in helping Trump to overhaul the judiciary is greatly appreciated, it doesn’t excuse his reversion to his 2015 self.

That guy was useless.

Thankfully, Lindsey Graham doesn’t appear to be in the mood to join McConnell and shed the spine that he grew while Trump was president.

Matt wrote about that yesterday:

In the wake of the Democrats’ second failed attempt to impeach and remove President Trump, Lindsey Graham, in an appearance of Fox News Sunday, said that Democrats have now opened Pandora’s Box, and that by the standard they’ve set, Kamala Harris has met their requirement for impeachment.

“The trial record was a complete joke,” Senator Graham said. “Hearsay on top of hearsay, and we’ve opened Pandora’s Box for future presidents and if you use this model, I don’t know how Kamala Harris doesn’t get impeached if Republicans take over the House because she actually bailed out rioters, and more of the rioters went back to the streets and broke somebody’s head open, so we’ve opened Pandora’s Box here, and I’m sad for the country.”

How refreshing: a Republican who understands that Democrats are the opposition, not fellow Republicans.

Honestly, if I had been given a choice as to which one of these two senators I could choose to fight from the minority with, I’d have picked Graham. As I wrote in my column, though, it is rough to lose McConnell because he just spent four years showing us how good he can be.

There is a lot of work to be done in the next couple of years. Conservatives won’t accomplish much if the primary objective is to play nice.

We’re gonna miss you, Mitch. Enjoy your brunches with Chuck Schumer.

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