The Morning Briefing: Trump Needs to Go Scorched-Earth Until January 20th

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Trump Still Has Some Swamp Draining to Do

Happy Tuesday, dear Kruiser Morning Briefing friends. Let’s do tapas soon.

I know it frustrates a lot of my friends, colleagues, and readers, but I’ve moved on from the Trump miracle hope for this election. Yes, I want all of the skulduggery exposed and some heads to roll, but I don’t think that we are going to be getting a mulligan on this one. I have moved on to things like spite for the short-term and revenge in the long-term.


It’s important to have plans, people.

Personally — and I know that I am not alone in this — I hope that President Trump is spending his days increasing his stores of righteous anger for whatever happens next. I do like that he is still fighting. It’s important to keep the base fired up. Now let’s think about how some of that righteous anger could be used.

I wrote last week that I hope Trump at least spends the next few years talking about running in 2024 simply because it will drive the Democrats crazier. Of course, it would be utterly epic if he pulled a Grover Cleveland and came back and won again. That might just be my personal political fantasy, but I’m going to be having it for a while.

The Democrats and their flying monkeys in the media have been yammering on about the country coming together and blah, blah, blah healing and stuff. They’re bubble-people, as the rest of us are aware, and they really don’t get the damage their behavior over the last four years and the election “irregularities” have done. We won’t be playing nice anytime soon.

Matt had a good post over at Townhall yesterday that explored how much zeal a Biden administration may have for legally harassing President Trump next year:

Now, Biden and Kamala Harris have said that they wouldn’t interfere with anything on this front, but do you trust these people? Harris voted for impeachment. We do have a deep state and I wouldn’t be shocked if their members come out of their respective basements and plot legal ways to get Trump. Should Trump pardon himself at the last minute, when he comes up short when all the legal votes are tallied, and Biden is indeed the winner?

I bring this up because Bloomberg Law has an interesting piece about how prosecuting Trump could be a top Biden DOJ priority, and how that determination might happen


Ah…the Deep State. What to do about that?

If President Trump does get around to concrete moving plans soon, I hope they include a scorched-earth purging of the Deep State and an industrial draining of the swamp. These are things that he’s been working on since he got into office but I think he was probably on an eight-year pace for the project. Now that it looks like he may only have four, it’s time to hit warp speed.

I have never been one who was bothered by the high turnover rate among Trump appointees. I don’t think bureaucrats should ever get comfortable or linger for very long. If he can create a lot more turnover as he heads back to New York, the country would be better off.

The cesspool that is the Federal Bureau of Investigation would be the best place to start. How Christopher Wray is still employed is a mystery. After him, the James Comey stink that still pervades the Bureau needs to be further rooted out and sent packing.

I have no idea how many of the federal dead-weight employees the president is legally allowed to nuke on his way out, but I hope he hits the maximum. In my dream world, he so decimates the federal ranks that Biden has to waste weeks or even months restocking a cupboard left bare by Trump.

This isn’t just about being disgruntled. There is plenty of federal fat that needs trimming.

There is also the fact that the Deep State is real and it is a cancer. The Democrats have talked a lot about revenge and retribution upon regaining any kind of power in Washington. The fewer Deep State operatives Trump leaves behind to be weaponized by a Democratic administration hell-bent on political blood lust, the better.


Blaze of glory, POTUS, blaze of glory.

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Greatness Awaits

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