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Obama Really Knew How to Handle Putin, According to Obama

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It’s 2020, a year of endless misery and despair, but things are finally looking up: Barack Obama is publishing yet another autobiography. Yay! It’s his third one, I think. Or is it his fourth? After a person writes a certain number of autobiographies, I start to lose count. But thank goodness he’s still here, in every form of media known to man, to scold us all. At a mere 768 pages, Obama’s A Promised Land is volume one of two. He has so much more to tell us about himself, and it’s only $27 a copy in hardcover. Compared to all the money he cost you over the last 12 years, that’s a bargain!

Sounds like it’s a compelling read, for the dozens of people who’ll actually buy it and read it. Emily Jacobs, NY Post:

Russian President Vladimir Putin went on a “seemingly endless,” 45 minute rant lambasting the United States to President Obama, the former commander-in-chief reportedly writes in his new book.

The diatribe, according to The Sun, occurred during a July 2009 meeting between the two world leaders and is documented by Obama in his new memoir “A Promised Land,” out Nov. 17…

“Putin said he liked President George W. Bush personally,” the source told the outlet of Obama’s account in the book, adding that … he goes on to say how he reached out after the Sept. 11 attacks and mentioned how he “had even offered Russia’s help in handling Saddam Hussein.”

Describing Obama’s account in the book, the source continues that Putin went on to blame the 43rd president for invading Iraq and accuse him of destabilizing “the entire Middle East.”

Obama then claims that he allowed Putin to rant for 45 minutes without interrupting, as if he had any say in the matter. And then, Obama claims he debated Putin point-by-point for two hours. Don’t you just love science fiction?

This anecdote is particularly amusing to students of history, which at this point includes anyone who remembers anything that happened before 5:30 PM yesterday. All the way back in 2012, Obama scolded Mitt Romney with this immortal soundbite:

I’ve watched that clip dozens of times over the years, and my favorite part is Obama fumbling over his rehearsed talking points. “Okay, it was… uh… foreign policies of the 1980s, and then… oh yeah, the social policies of the 1950s… er…”

And that was after Obama’s 2009 “debate” with Putin. So I guess Barry thought he had bested his opponent. But then the 2016 election happened, and suddenly Putin was the Boogeyman again. Now libs blame the evil Russkies for everything.* Somehow, within the space of four years, Russia went from forgotten has-beens to America’s #1 enemy all over again. And all it took was a Democrat losing an election. Weird how that works, huh?

*Just ask the NY Post. After their reporting on Hunter Biden’s laptop, not only was the newspaper censored by Twitter, but Joe Biden went on national TV and dismissed it as “Russian disinformation.” And that’s where the matter stands, at least in the minds of our moral, ethical, and intellectual betters in the media. But if they really believe that, why don’t they want to know how it happened? Why aren’t they investigating who in particular did this, instead of just bleating “Russia” over and over? If they’re convinced that Putin stole the 2016 election, and would’ve stolen another one if 95% of the media hadn’t completely ignored the evidence on Hunter’s laptop, why don’t they want to put a stop to it? That one’s easy: They know it’s a lie, but it’s okay because they got what they wanted. They ignored a news story to get a political result, and it worked. And then they wonder why we don’t trust them.

It’s like I always say:

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