Let's Slow Down the Vote-Counting for Both Accuracy and Spite

Let's Slow Down the Vote-Counting for Both Accuracy and Spite
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Count Every Vote…Slooooooooowly 

My, what a difference a week can make.

Shortly after Election Day turned into just plain old Wednesday last week, I was most eager for all of the vote counting to be over. I wanted a quick resolution to an election that capped a campaign that somehow seemed even longer than usual. My impatience was growing by the end of last week.


Then the Democrats began doing something that I truly didn’t believe them capable of anymore: they became even more loathsome.

I suppose I should no longer believe the Democrats to be incapable of finding new lows but, hey, I’m an optimist at times.

I share the concerns of my fellow sane Americans about exposing any flaws in our election system that may be out there. For that reason alone I wanted the counting to be meticulous but hopefully not take forever.

Now forever may be too quick for my taste.

The Democrats and their media mouthpieces have been treating President Trump’s quite legal right to ensure that every legal vote is properly counted while illegal ones aren’t almost as an act of treason.

For example:

This is from the paste-eating prog who just the day before put her monumental ignorance on display for all to see.

Everything being shared by MSM hacks is in this vein. Gosh, it’s almost as if they are terrified of the ballot-gathering and vote-counting process in counties dominated by Democrats to receive any scrutiny.


If for no other reason than to root out what problems there may be, I support a thorough look at the vote counting. Now, however, I am motivated by something far more powerful: spite.

I am sick to death of dealing with the collective diaper-filling tantrum that is the American Democratic Party. Yes, I know that there are good Democrats out there. They are, sadly, a rapidly dwindling minority.

The loudest Democrats in America — those in Washington and those in the media — are vile. The vileness is becoming — to borrow a favorite word of theirs — systemic. That’s why they can’t begin to behave a little better even after they’re convinced they’ve won the biggest political prize in the Republic.

Now, because of pure spite, I want the counting to go on as long as legally possible. Let’s have the folks doing hand recounts take a coffee break after every ten ballots. Drag this on.

If you have been reading anything of mine in the past few days you know that I’m not exactly warming up my voice so I can start singing Kumbaya with the Dems. I admit that I’m coming from a mindset that is already somewhat adversarial. I’m comfortable with my newfound spitefulness. I know myself well enough to realize that it will go away soon. I’m going to nurture it for a couple of weeks or so though, especially when I read things like this:


There has been a flood of these analysis/opinion pieces that serve no purpose other than to let the writer(s) vent about some obvious daddy issues. Oh, as for Trump wreaking destruction, revenge, and chaos on his way out of the door, I can assure everyone in the MSM that they’ve now got Republicans rooting for that. One friend said to me yesterday, “I hope he goes scorched f***ing earth on the way out.”

The reason I want this to drag on is that it’s forcing the bubble Dems to face the fact that half of the country isn’t part of their Drooling Joe celebration, and never wants to be. It bugs them. It’s fun to bug them.

When the votes are finally counted I will accept the results, enjoy a local fine craft beer or ten, and move onto the next thing happy to know that I will never be as miserable as the happiest Democrat.

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